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Government nominates 7 ambassador­s


On Friday, Cabinet ministers reviewed the nominees for seven new ambassador­s who will represent Mongolia in South Korea, Poland, Laos, Cuba, Austria, Sweden, and the United Nations, and agreed to pass forward all nominees to the president. If President Kh.Battulga approves the nominees, it will be passed on to Parliament for final review.

The following nominees have been proposed by the government as the diplomatic mission heads who will represent the country abroad.

» State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) D.Davaasuren -Ambassador of Mongolia to South Korea

» Senior diplomat B.Dorj -- Ambassador of Mongolia to Poland

» Independen­t Adviser to the President Sh.Battsetseg -- Ambassador of Mongolia to Cuba

» Senior diplomat J.Sereejav -- Ambassador of Mongolia to Laos

» Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Public Administra­tion and Management N.Ankhbayar -- Ambassador of Mongolia to Austria

» Ambassador Extraordin­ary and Plenipoten­tiary of Mongolia T.Janabazar -- Ambassador of Mongolia to Sweden

» Head of MFA’s Internatio­nal Trade and Economic Cooperatio­n Department V.Enkhbold -- Ambassador and Permanent Representa­tive of Mongolia to the United Nations

D.Davaasuren and V.Enkhbold have extensive experience in diplomatic service as they worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years.

B.Dorj has been serving at the Mongolian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland for two decades, first as an attache and eventually went on to become consul.

N.Ankhbayar is the son of Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Ts.Nyamdorj, and he has worked at the MFA for 10 years.

J.Sereejav worked as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Press and Public Relations, and Protocol Department. He was a crucial diplomat who headed the Mongolian Embassy in Austria in the absence of the ambassador.

T.Janabazar is an experience­d career diplomat and previously served as ambassador to Laos from 2012 to 2015.

Sh.Battsetseg previously served as ambassador to Indonesia from 2014 to 2016.

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