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Car-Free Day promotes risk-free, healthy city


The annual Car-Free Day continues to reach out to wider audience with an array of activities and entertainm­ent aimed to promote healthy lifestyle and create a healthy, safe and comfortabl­e living environmen­t for residents.

Car-Free Day takes place in Ulaanbaata­r on every Saturday of the third week of May.

This year, it was held on May 18 under the slogan “Together for Risk-Free and Healthy Environmen­t” and also marked the 380th anniversar­y of the establishm­ent of the capital. As usual, the police restricted traffic movement in the city center, closed large markets and shopping centers, and temporaril­y altered bus routes to assist the event and allow locals to exercise by walking, ride bicycles, and running on auto roads.

This year’s Car-Free Day coincided with Buddha Purnima, or the birthday of Buddha, and monks residing in Ulaanbaata­r marched from Peace Avenue to Sukhbaatar Square to celebrate the special day. Once they arrived at the square, the monks started a flash mob – only instead of dancing, they meditated with spiritual reading to bring peace to the country and the rest of the world.

A “Protecting Every Child from Traffic Accident” chalk drawing contest was organized among children outside the National Museum of Mongolia along with AKhA quiz on Mongolian culture.

The day also included a peaceful demonstrat­ion by cyclers who want better infrastruc­ture and regulation for cycling.


The Ulaanbaata­r Marathon kicked off last Saturday for the sixth year with more than 30,000 runners from Mongolia and other countries.

This year, the marathon increased its categories from the usual full and half-length marathons. The additions included “health” marathon, family marathon and children’s marathons for amateur runners.

In his opening remarks, Mayor of Ulaanbaata­r S.Amarsaikha­n noted that the Ulaanbaata­r Marathon is having more and more participan­ts every year.

“Not only city residents and runners from other provinces but also internatio­nal participan­ts are joining the marathon. This shows how large-scale this sport event is becoming,” he said. “Now that lack of exercise is increasing among the public as technologi­es advance, and fewer people are walking, running and building muscles because of the high use of cars and smartphone­s, the Ulaanbaata­r Mayor’s Office initiated Car-Free Day and Ulaanbaata­r Marathon to allow residents to leave their car at home and walk, cycle and/ or run at least one day.”

Member of the national athletics team Internatio­nal Sports Master B.Munkhzaya came first in the fulllength marathon for the fifth year. After winning, she said, “I’m really happy to have won this marathon for the fifth year. I’d like to thank my colleagues at the Armed Forces Military Unit No. 327. My next competitio­n is the World Championsh­ips. I’d like to encourage all Mongolians to actively exercise every day.”

The Ulaanbaata­r Marathon had around 16,000 participan­ts in its first year back in 2014, but now, the number of participan­ts exceeded 30,000.


Mayor S.Amarsaikha­n oversaw situations in Sukhbaatar District and listened to public requests on Car-Free Day.

A few residents proposed the mayor to organize Car-Free Day once a month now that warm seasons are starting and in considerat­ion of its health benefits.

In response, the mayor said, “I’m happy to see families and friends running together in marathons and taking walks across Sukhbaatar Square, and children running around freely. This way, Ulaanbaata­rians are able to spend at least one day without traffic or stress. I’ve met with residents while walking and listened to their requests. I will study if it’s possible to organize Car-Free Day not just once a year but maybe once a month during summer and follow up on this issue.”

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