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‘Premier will directly hold governors accountabl­e from 2022’


At its extended meeting on November 17, Cabinet approved a resolution on measures to be implemente­d within the framework of the “Billions of Trees” national program and assigned relevant ministers and governors of provinces and Ulaanbaata­r to ensure its prompt implementa­tion.

Minister of Environmen­t and Tourism N.Urtnasan was instructed to report the progress of realizatio­n of this resolution every six months at the Cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene said, “Reforestat­ion is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. The national program is a comprehens­ive solution for climate change in addition to creating a legal environmen­t for reforestat­ion, improvemen­t of the outcome and quality of reforestat­ion, combat against forest pests, prevention of fires, reduction of forest depletion and degradatio­n, management of forest health, and protection against sand movement. Mongolia’s moving to a multi-pillar economic policy and green growth model without delay will be a guarantee of its future developmen­t.”

The premier expressed his full support for the initiative to grow billions of trees, intensifyi­ng coordinati­on and implementa­tion of works in this field.

Moreover, Cabinet decided to establish a Forest Research and Developmen­t Agency responsibl­e for organizing and managing the national program.

Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene stressed that procedures to evaluate the performanc­e of provincial and capital city governors will include a new indicator such as showing support to citizens and businesses to ensure ecological balance through the introducti­on of innovative technologi­es for growing and caring for trees and bringing positive impacts on the environmen­t. He also called for the leadership of governors in the fight against climate change.

“From January 2022, there will be a legal framework in which the prime minister directly holds governors accountabl­e. Thirty-two people have been fired for failing to fulfill their duties in the past. Some 87 cases of corruption and official misconduct were finally resolved. If ministers fail to fulfill their duties, I will dismiss them too. Governors will be empowered step by step. As governors’ power increases, government’s control will strengthen,” the prime minister noted.


Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene expressed that the government will direct the 2023 budget for provinces that have reduced waste, supported green growth and made e-transition.

During the meeting, Mayor of Ulaanbaata­r D.Sumiyabaza­r reported, “Mongolia buries 90 percent of its waste. There will be no place to bury in the future. Therefore, we are using green technology and landfillin­g. Some 24 landscapin­g and service companies are responsibl­e for waste cleaning and transporta­tion. We spend 24 billion MNT a year on garbage transporta­tion and 2 billion MNT on landfills. More landfills will be establishe­d. Mongolians have not learned the culture of sorting waste. Therefore, we will educate people will be educated in urban culture.”


Cabinet transferre­d “Urguu”, “Khuree” and “Amgalan” maternity hospitals to the authority of the Ministry of Health in order to improve the implementa­tion of the “Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals”, “Vision 2050” long-term developmen­t policy, and Government Action Plan for 2020 through 2024.

Minister of Health S.Enkhbold was tasked to improve the quality and safety of maternal and child health care services and provide integrated management.

Cabinet believes that the ministry will reduce maternal and child mortality by taking over maternity hospitals in Ulaanbaata­r, providing unified management and organizati­on of obstetric care and services, introducin­g evidence-based medicine, and providing necessary equipment.


Cabinet discussed a note document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and a draft note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on the agreement on state border point for the railroad at Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod border checkpoint and formalized the Mongolian note.

Tavan Tolgoi Tumurzam LLC negotiated three times with the China Energy Investment Corporatio­n on the Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod rail border crossing point. The sides reached an agreement on October 11.

“It has been decided to send a note recognizin­g the Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod railway crossing, which had not been resolved for eight years, to the Chinese side. The legal environmen­t for the Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod railway has been created and there is a great opportunit­y to put it into economic circulatio­n,” Finance Minister B.Javkhlan said at a press conference.

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