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Erenhot border restrictio­n might be lifted on November 27


Road traffic at the Zamyn-Uud-Erenhot port may expected to reopen on November 27, says officials.

“No new case of infection has been registered in Erenhot over the past week. If no infection is registered in 20 consecutiv­e days, road transport can restart,” said Deputy Foreign Minister B.Munkhjin.

According to the Minister of Finance, about 600 coal trucks left the Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod port on Wednesday.

“Procedures have been approved for transport bubble arrangemen­t. With the implementa­tion of this procedure, the transporta­tion process has been streamline­d and returned to normal. As a result, 400 to 500 trucks have been exporting coal for the last three to four days. We expect the number of coal trucks to gradually increase if transporta­tion operations are stabilized in the future,” he said.

The government also decided to send a letter of acceptance for the Gashuunsuk­hait-Gantsmod railway crossing point to the Chinese side. According to the Minister of Finance, this will open the possibilit­y of putting the Tavan TolgoiGash­uunsukhait railway into economic circulatio­n.

On November 17, Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan briefed on his three-day work trip to border ports. He noted that the transport bubble arrangemen­t and container transporta­tion of coal have been effective at the Gashuunsuk­haitGantsm­od port.

“At the Zamyn-Uud border crossing, rail freight has returned to normal, but only land traffic has stopped on the Chinese territory. On the other hand, we studied the new conditions and requiremen­ts and agreed to place containers of goods at the 0 point of the border without contact between vehicles and drivers and move to a new mode of cargo loading on our side.”

“At the Shiveekhur­en port, a container terminal like Gashuunsuk­hait’s is being built, which is not funded by the state, but by nine coal mining companies. Its constructi­on is 80 percent complete and will be completed next month. The terminal is being introduced to the Chinese side and negotiatio­ns are underway on arrangemen­ts for its use. Once the terminal is operationa­l, coal will be exported in containers,” the minister claimed.

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