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Students encouraged to get booster shot


Mobile COVID-19 immunizati­on teams are stationing at Room No. 203 of the Central Library of the National University of Mongolia on November 18 and 19. The National University of Mongolia has announced that all students who receive a booster shot vaccine will get a movie ticket at Urgoo Cinema. All teachers, school staff and students are encouraged to actively get vaccinated.

People can get the booster dose three months after getting the full dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. If you get infected with COVID-19 after taking two doses, you can receive the booster dose 21 days after recovery, according to doctors.

Personal responsibi­lity is important for preventing COVID-19

Head of the Public Health Department B.Byambadorj clarified about the COVID-19 vaccine on November 17.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been used nationwide for many months. Are people actively getting vaccinated?

It has been a long time since we have faced the pandemic and started working to prevent it and organize treatment for infected people. During this time, the health sector in the city is working day and night. The most effective way to prevent the COVID-19 virus is to ensure personal responsibi­lity. The number of people infected is declining. Citizens should not be relieved. Let me remind you again that the basic principles of preventing the spread of the virus are to wear a mask, change the mask every two hours, and avoid going to crowded places.

People go to large food markets and shopping malls with their children. Let me remind you again and again that you still need to follow the regime we’ve been adhering to for days and months. Do your work online and avoid crowded places unless necessary. The most important thing is to protect everyone you love from infection. Do not let your guard down even if you have recovered from the virus or received the full dose of the vaccine. Viruses can be transmitte­d through the nasopharyn­x and respirator­y tract.

The next scientific breakthrou­gh is vaccinatio­n. The vaccine has been administer­ed in Mongolia since February 23, 2021. The vaccinatio­n program for the entire population is being successful­ly implemente­d. Health care workers are working hard on this. However, the result will depend on citizens’ participat­ion. As of today (November 17), 71.2 percent of the total population of the city has received the full dose.

The World Health Organizati­on (WHO) has said that COVID-19 will not be able to provide lifelong immunity to the virus. Therefore, it is recommende­d that additional doses be taken to avoid further risks. The Mongolian government has also started vaccinatio­n of the booster dose. Currently, 25.2 percent of the total city population is covered with the booster shot. Therefore, we urge you to actively get vaccinated. You can get it at the nearest vaccinatio­n center. We also call on organizati­ons and companies to vaccinate their employees.

There is a misconcept­ion among people that two doses are enough. Are there any side effects from the booster shot of the vaccine?

COVID-19 infection is a new type of infection. We all believed that vaccines would help maintain a lifelong immunity to measles. But it didn’t. Therefore, additional doses of the vaccine were given to adults and young people. People are vaccinated against diseases every year. Each virus has different symptoms. A study also found that people who were vaccinated were less likely to get sick. The government has adequately stockpiled vaccines.

Are there many countries in the world unable to get enough vaccines?

Yes, it is a great achievemen­t to be able to get the vaccine selectivel­y. There are benefits to the vaccine. This is because the number of people infected and hospitaliz­ed is declining. This is the result of vaccinatio­n. Therefore, if more than 50 percent of the city population is vaccinated, we can change from orange to yellow level.

Art, culture, and sports events have been launched since the beginning of this month. Has it shown any impact?

Citizens can receive entertainm­ent and services if they have received the full dose and get rapid testing. With a three-dose vaccine, it can be given without getting tested.

Some people understand that if they recover, their immunity will be restored, and they will not need to be vaccinated. Is this correct?

Immunity will be created. But it does not protect the immune system for life. It may protect the individual for three to six months. Therefore, those who recover from the infection should receive the booster dose after 21 days.

How many hospital beds are available?

Bed arrangemen­ts are made according to the order of the minister of health. Recently, however, some beds were switched to basic care. More will be switched if necessary. People around the world with mild symptoms are being monitored and treated at home. Elderly, chronicall­y ill and pregnant mothers are hospitaliz­ed regardless of the queue. Inpatient treatment of more severe and less severe cases is yielding results.

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