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GASR begins issuing e-signatures

- By B.ANU

In accordance with the Law on e-Signature, which came into force on May 1, the General Authority for State Registrati­on (GASR) has begun providing citizens with an electronic signature free of charge to create conditions for citizens to receive public and banking services online.

In particular, as of May 2, a total of 2,733 citizens had received their digital signatures.

The law stipulates that citizens over 16 years of age are allowed to have as many electronic signatures as they want. It will be possible to extend the use of e-signatures every five years.

Head of GASR D.Delgersaik­han informed, “Digital signatures have been issued through state registrars in 21 provinces, nine districts of Ulaanbaata­r, six state service centers and kiosks. We will finish issuing digital signatures through a mobile applicatio­n by May. Mongolian citizens living and working abroad can also obtain e-signatures.”

“There are currently 2.2 million people over the age of 16 in Mongolia. Digital signatures allow citizens to be identified online. The Law on State Registrati­on states that fingerprin­ts will be used at branches of GASR or during elections only,” he said.

The Law on e-Signature prevents anyone other than the account holder to log in to the system through a verificati­on of their identity.

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