DE­CEM­BER 21 - 27, 2018

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AQUAR­IUS Jan 20 – Feb 18

Pop­u­lar­ity is in­cred­i­bly over­rated, so don’t base any de­ci­sions solely on achiev­ing it! Pleas­ing the masses is no great feat-after all, ap­peal­ing to the low­est com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor just means that you’re ex­pect­ing the least out of other peo­ple, and that’s not your phi­los­o­phy. In­stead, stick to your be­liefs and de­sires, no mat­ter how off the wall you might think they are. You will be bet­ter off in a small group of like-minded folks than in a huge crowd of sheep.

PISCES Feb 19 – March 20

Are you putting the de­sires of oth­ers above your own de­sires right now? Be very care­ful not to be too self­less for too long-you have needs, too, and they have to be met. If you think that you’re cre­at­ing har­mony be­tween your­self and your friends by giv­ing in to all of their whims, you’re wrong. The uni­verse knows that you de­serve a re­la­tion­ship based on mu­tual re­spect and co­op­er­a­tion-and you know it, too. It’s time to de­mand what you need.

ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 19

Karma is a pow­er­ful force to­day, so you can ex­pect some in­ter­est­ing pay­back for the good deeds (and the not-so-good deeds) you’ve per­formed in the re­cent past. This could turn out to be a very ed­u­ca­tional day, teach­ing you many valu­able les­sons about per­sua­sion. You are learn­ing how to use your charm to get ahead in your ca­reer, and this new knowl­edge is al­ready start­ing to pay off.

TAU­RUS Apr 20 – May 20

There is a re­align­ment go­ing on among your group of friends, and parts of your so­cial cir­cle may be break­ing off into smaller units. This is a nec­es­sary evo­lu­tion, so try not to get de­fen­sive or take things per­son­ally. If you do, you may end up cre­at­ing un­nec­es­sary ten­sion. Just put in the work nec­es­sary to main­tain re­la­tion­ships with the peo­ple you want in your life-that’s all you need to do.

GEM­INI May 21 – June 20

You know a good thing when you see it. Use that gift to­day-and make sure that you also rec­og­nize a good thing when you hear it! The ad­vice your friends and rel­a­tives are giv­ing you is the right stuff, so take it with grat­i­tude and fold it into your per­sonal phi­los­o­phy. You do not have to do ex­actly as they say, but you should rely on their in­sight to make a cer­tain big de­ci­sion you’ve been putting off. They know you, and they do know what is best for you.

CAN­CER June 21 – July 22

To­day, don’t be sur­prised if you’re able to fin­ish other peo­ple’s sen­tences, guess what a co­worker is crav­ing for lunch or even in­tuit what a friend is daydreaming about. You are es­pe­cially in tune with oth­ers right now, which will strengthen your re­la­tion­ships in both your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life. Go out on a limb with con­fi­dence, and feel free to be a lit­tle more in­for­mal than usual. Your psy­chic abil­i­ties will break the ice in a very charm­ing way.

LEO July 23 – Aug 22

You’re hav­ing some good ideas about your ca­reer, and if you’re look­ing to score big points with an au­thor­ity fig­ure, you can do it with ease to­day. With pre­cise logic (soft­ened by a warm and com­pas­sion­ate smile), you can run cir­cles around any com­peti­tors. For­get just charm­ing them into your cor­ner-they may be­come your clos­est al­lies. As long as you stay con­fi­dent and pre­pare a clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion plan, you will soar to­day.

VIRGO Aug 23 – Sept 22

Noth­ing in your life is writ­ten in stone, and you have to ac­cept that things can change with lit­tle or no no­tice. Ev­ery­thing in your life is in flux right now, and it would do you some good to try to go with the flow. Chan­nel a surfer rid­ing an awe-in­spir­ing wave-you can choose to flail about and try to fight the cur­rent, but you’ll only tire your­self out and feel like you failed. If you just let go, you will ex­pe­ri­ence a rush of ex­cite­ment-and power.

LI­BRA Sept 23 – Oct 22

Your daily rou­tine will be slightly dis­rupted by some­one who could use a les­son in flex­i­bil­ity! This per­son can’t see things from any­one else’s per­spec­tive, and this could make things dif­fi­cult when it comes to your sched­ule. Luck­ily, it won’t take long for you to come up with a backup plan that will help you work around any ob­sta­cles. Cel­e­brate the fact that you are smarter than the many peo­ple who are un­able to go with the flow, or re­main open-minded in re­gard to the lives of oth­ers.

SCOR­PIO Oct 23 – Nov 21

If you are in a ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship right now, get ready for it to take a creative turn. Things are hap­pen­ing be­tween you and your part­ner that have never hap­pened be­fore-the two of you should take a deep breath, hold hands and dive right in. This is the ad­ven­ture you’ve been wait­ing for. If you’re sin­gle right now, you’re still about to en­ter a very ex­cit­ing and creative phase. Trust in your­self, and know that you have the skills you need.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

To­day is a good day to ex­pand your friend­ship hori­zons-find a fresh way of think­ing about those you love and how you ex­press your love. Start with re­search: lis­ten to the peo­ple you care about, and pay at­ten­tion to what they say they need. Ask for feed­back on your re­la­tional skills. There’s al­ways room for im­prove­ment! Talk­ing less and lis­ten­ing more is the first step to­ward mak­ing part­ner­ships work bet­ter in your life.

CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 – Jan 19

As you be­gin a new ad­ven­ture, it’s time to put an end to a sit­u­a­tion that you no longer want in your life. This will be like prun­ing a rose bush: an un­pleas­ant (and po­ten­tially painful) task, but a nec­es­sary one if you want some beau­ti­ful things in your life to blos­som. It’s okay to mourn the end of some­thing you’ve grown fa­mil­iar with, but try not to let these feel­ings dampen the op­ti­mism and ex­cite­ment you’re feel­ing about the new vibes in your life.

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