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Book launch: ‘When Global Meets Local: How Expatriate­s can Succeed in Myanmar’


Date: March 10 Venue: Pansuriya Art Gallery

A launch event will be held for the book When Global Meets Local: How Expatriate­s can Succeed in Myanmar at Pansuriya Art Gallery, 100 Bogalayzay Street, at 4pm, Sunday 10 March, 2019 The Vietnamese author Hana Bui will talk about the book and sign copies. The book is the first guidebook of its kind to meet the reference need for expats in Myanmar or coming to Myanmar. It assists expatriate­s in achieving success in Myanmar by helping them overcome the biggest challenge of expats here – the cultural conflicts. In fact, cultural conflicts are cited as the most challengin­g issues for expats working overseas.

According to The Economist, a survey of senior executives from 68 countries indicates that 90 percent see “cross-cultural leadership” as the biggest management challenge of this century. Up to 40pc of managers sent on overseas assignment­s terminate early. The cost to employers of each early return is between US$250,000 and $1.25 million.

Bui is an intercultu­ral trainer and author about Myanmar. She has many years of experience in the corporate world including six years in human resource services in Myanmar. Bui sees herself as a cultural bridge between Myanmar and the world.

For the book, Bui carried out a survey with over 100 expats who have lived here for over a year, and 50 local profession­als. Plus she did 30 in-depth interviews with local profession­als and expats.

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