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46 places to stay, from Tirasberg to Lüderitz, Keetmansho­op to the Orange River, and Koës to Aus

Helmeringh­ausen & Tirasberg – Koës & Kalahari – Lüderitz – Aus – Bethanie – Goageb – Seeheim – Keetmansho­op – Oranjemund – Rosh Pinah – Orange River – Noordoewer – Fish River Canyon – Grünau – Karasburg & Aroab



Situated next to the scenic D707. You literally walk out into the Namib Desert – early morning is best for a stroll. Camping (two stands; no power) costs R110 p.p. Self-catering rooms R300 p.p. Guesthouse R350 p.p. (six people sharing). Meals available, order well in advance. GPS: S26.18322 E16.35651 Contact: 00 264 63 683 053 (Gertrud, call after hours);


Namtib Biosphere Reserve

One of the prettiest places to stay along the D707 route. The view from the campsite is something else: a grassy valley framed by the Tirasberg with the Namib shimmering on the horizon. Camping R100 p.p. (five stands; no power; donkey boiler for hot water). Lodge rooms from R710 p.p. sharing (B&B). Kids under 12 get a discount. GPS: S26.03714 E16.26170 Contact: 00 264 63 683 055;



Accessible from the scenic D707. You can go horse riding (one-hour to three-day excursions) and rock climbing, or do a nocturnal game drive. Camping R150 per adult; R75 per child under 12. Lodge rooms R995 p.p. (B&B). Self-catering units R1 400 per night (for two people; private bathroom); R600 per night (for two people; sharing the ablution block in the campsite). GPS: S25.91252 E16.26763 Contact: 00 264 63 683 052 (Anke); info.koiimasis@gmail.com

Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat

Kanaan is an old holiday farm recently overhauled by the N/a’an ku sê group. It’s a destinatio­n tailor-made for landscape photograph­ers. Exclusive camping costs R300 per stand, plus R150 p.p. Other accommodat­ion from R900 p.p. sharing (DB&B, tented camp) or R1 100 p.p. sharing (DB&B, en suite room). Kids get a discount. GPS: S25.84504 E16.15773 Contact: 00 264 63 683 119;




They have guided trails to rock art, and a 4x4 trail. Aubures is about 55 km from Helmeringh­ausen next to the C27. There are six stands under camel thorn trees (no electricit­y, but hot water for showers). Camping R90 per adult; R60 for learners; free for children under 6. GPS: S25.72331 E16.44187 Contact: 00 264 63 683 314 (Jörn/Adrienne); amiller@iway.na

Barby Guest Farm

It’s 32 km from Helmering along the C27. Three stands (no power). Camping R85 p.p. Four chalets (one is wheelchair-friendly) R350 p.p. B&B. GPS: S25.85880 E16.55933 Contact: 00 264 81 686 8200;



A working swakara sheep farm 19 km from Helmering next to the C27. Camping R250 per stand for two people; R35 per extra person. Self-catering unit from R450 per night (sleeps two); R660 per night for four people sharing. Book beforehand. Cyclists and bikers get a discount if they camp here. GPS: S25.91234 E16.66339 Contact: 00 264 81 281 9074 (Louisa); lovedale-namibia.com

Helmeringh­ausen Hotel

Camping R200 per night (max four people); R50 per extra person. Five stands on grass, no power. Family rooms (three people) R3 000 per night. Double rooms R2 100 per night. Children under 9 get discount. Rates include breakfast, dinner, coffee and cake, and a tour of the farm. GPS: S25.89105 E16.82358 Contact: 00 264 63 283 307 (Jörg/Michelle);


Tiras Guest Farm

This farm is about 42 km south of Helmeringh­ausen, next to the C13. Camping (two stands) R135 p.p. Selfcateri­ng hut (sleeps two) R204 p.p. (no bedding or towels); R253 p.p. (with bedding and towels). Self-catering farmstead (sleeps 2 – 6 people) R380 p.p. GPS: S26.18810 E16.60796 Contact: 00 264 61 243 827;



On a farm about 60 km south of Helmeringh­ausen, next to the C13. You have a great view over the seemingly endless Neisip Flats. Camping (three sheltered stands) R90 per adult; R45 per child under 12. Two chalets R310 per adult; R155 per child under 12. GPS: S26.34581 E16.53832 Contact: 00 264 81 217 6932 (Hermien); mail@tirool.com

Koës Hotel

Tired of your job? This hotel is for sale… Camping (now on grass) R80 per adult. Rooms R300 per adult (B&B). All rates half-price for children under 12. It’s in Fontein Street, but don’t get excited, there’s no fountain. Contact: 00 264 63 252 716 (Elmarie); koeshotel@gmail.com

DuneSong Breathers

One of the best places to stay in the area; your chalet overlooks the first red dune of the Kalahari. The chalets are furnished with style and fully equipped. From R300 p.p. for four people sharing. GPS: S25.69084 E19.17559 Contact: 00 264 81 122 0175;

00 264 87 776 333 (Marianne/ Pieter); dunesong.net


One of our favourite Kalahari getaways. Follow the C15 for 45 km from Mata-Mata. Go for a walk in the red Kalahari dunes. Camping R100 p.p. Chalets from R650 for two people. Free for children under 12. GPS: S25.52553 E19.68561 Contact: 00 264 63 252 031 (Pieter/Hanlie);


Kalahari Sunset Game Farm

This farm is next to Terra-Rouge (see no. 13; the respective owners are brothers). There are four campsites with power (R130 p.p.) and three self-catering units (R350 p.p.) with aircon and Wi-Fi. Guided sunset game drives R200 p.p. (including drinks). Home-made produce for sale at their farm stall. GPS: S25.52869 E19.66714 Contact: 00 264 63 252 005 (Nettie/Hennie);


Kalahari Game Lodge

Next to the dry riverbed of the Auob River – 18 km from the Mata-Mata Border Post on the C15 gravel road. Camping R90 p.p. (with electricit­y – there are only four stands, max four people per stand). Other accommodat­ion from R710 p.p. sharing, including breakfast, or R860 p.p. sharing, including breakfast and dinner. GPS: S25.65205 E19.88369 Contact: 021 880 9870;


Kalahari Farm Stall

About 14 km from the Mata-Mata border along the C15. Camping (with power points) R200 for two people; R75 per extra person. Selfcateri­ng unit (with air conditioni­ng) from R325 p.p. sharing. Self-catering family room (sleeps four) R750 per night. They have a coffee shop, farm stall, gift shop and a swimming pool. Book dinner beforehand. GPS: S25.67352 E19.89574 Contact: 00 264 63 693 115 (Marica); kalaharifa­rmstall.com


Kairos Cottage

Situated on Shark Island (actually just a peninsula now) with an excellent view over the sea. Single: R420 p.p. Double: R540 per night. Rate includes breakfast.

GPS: S26.637294 E15.152061 Contact: 00 264 81 650 5598;


Diaz Point

Episode 7 of Ultimate Braai Master was filmed here. R95 per camping stand, plus R65 p.p.; self-catering house (sleeps 10) R225 p.p. sharing. GPS: S26.63557 E15.09162 Contact: 00 264 63 202 288 (Cheryl); diaz-point.com

Obelix Village

It’s in Old Bayview Road, near the entrance to Lüderitz. B&B: single room R440 p.p., double room R665 p.p. GPS: S26.65118 E15.15572 Contact: 00 264 63 203 456 (Shirley); obelixvill­age@iway.na

Nest Hotel

At 820 Dias Street, by the sea. You can book boat trips from here. B&B: single room R1 090 p.p., double room R1 740 per night. GPS: S26.65285 E15.14973 Contact: 00 264 63 204 000;


Island Cottage

These three self-catering units overlook Lüderitz Bay. Accommodat­ion from R295 p.p. GPS: S26.63746 E15.15208 Contact: 00 264 63 203 626;

00 264 81 292 2984


Klein-Aus Vista

A good base if you want to see the wild horses at the Garub waterhole. They host a mountain-bike race from 2 – 3 May 2015. Camping from R100 p.p. Eagle’s Nest chalets (B&B) R1 155 p.p. sharing (until June); R1 225 p.p. sharing (July – Nov). Desert Horse Inn (B&B) from R865 p.p. sharing (until June); R910 p.p. (July – Nov). You get a discount if you have a Gondwana card ( gondwana-card.com). GPS: S26.65191 E16.24384 Contact: 00 264 63 258 116 (Piet);


Bahnhof Hotel Aus

A fixture in the tiny town of Aus, drop in! Rooms cost R655 p.p. sharing (B&B). GPS: S26.66581 E16.26075 Contact: 00 264 63 258 091;


Aus Guest Rooms

Opposite the petrol station. Organise in advance with owners Steve and Karin Prinsloo if you want a packed lunch for the road. Camping R65 p.p. Guest rooms from R280 p.p. sharing. The rooms are cool and well equipped. Breakfast: R55 p.p. GPS: S26.66674 E16.26068 Contact: 00 264 63 258 029;

ausnamibia.com/aus_ accommodat­ion


Bethanie Guesthouse

They’re at 137 Chief C Friederick Avenue. Camping (four stands) R120 per adult. Free for children under 12. They have electricit­y and a swimming pool. Double rooms R650 per night (B&B), single rooms R350. Contact: 00 264 63 283 013 ( Wessel); bestbed@iway.na


Alte Kalköfen

Near Goageb (nothing much there) next to the B4, making it an ideal overnight stop between Keetmans and the coast. Have a look at the lithop garden and the old limekiln. There is a swimming pool and a restaurant. Camping R150 p.p. B&B R420 p.p. Half-price for children aged 3 – 13. GPS: S26.82492 E17.35198 Contact: 00 264 81 129 0621 (Frikkie); altekalkof­en.com


Seeheim Hotel

If you’ve seen the hotel, you’ve seen Seeheim. They offer a historical walk around town. Double rooms R900 p.p. (B&B). Family rooms from R1 500 per night (four people). There’s a swimming pool and restaurant. GPS: S26.81533 E17.80081 Contact: 00 264 81 446 6728 (Marinda); seeheimhot­el.com


Garas Rest Camp

It’s 20 km north of Keetmans near the B1 – a good spot to overnight and take photos of quiver trees at sunset. Entrance costs R30 per vehicle. Camping (nine stands) R95 per adult; R45 per child under 13. A stand with power costs R30 extra. GPS: S26.41850 E18.19028 Contact: 00 264 63 223 217 (Marian); marian.hulme.z@ gmail.com

Quiver Tree Forest

Camp next to quiver trees! It’s 13 km north-east of Keetmans on the M29. Camping R110 p.p. Self-catering rooms from R640 per night (two people). Entrance fee R55 p.p. Watch the cheetahs being fed at 4 pm in winter; 5 pm in summer. Cheetah feeding free for overnight guests. GPS: S26.48200 E18.23907 Contact: 00 264 63 683 421 (Coenie/Ingrid);


Mesosaurus Camp

Come see the fossils on the farm, plus plenty of quiver trees. It’s 42 km east of Keetmans next to the C17. Bush camp R120 p.p. Chalets R300 p.p. sharing (self-catering); R360 single supplement. Half-price for children aged 3 – 11; free for children under 2. Fossil tour R100 p.p. GPS: S26.40616 E18.47649 Contact: 00 264 63 683 641 (Hendrik/Nolene);



Op My Stoep Lodge

Situated near the Oranjemund­Alexander Bay border post. Double rooms R715 per night (B&B). Self-catering units R650 per night (3 – 4 people sharing). Two campsites (no power) R95 per adult; R80 per child aged 10 – 14; R60 per child under 10. GPS: S28.56008 E16.48940 Contact: 00 264 81 127 5837 (Fanie); opmystoep.com


Amica Guesthouse

A good overnight stop on the route between Noordoewer and Lüderitz. Double rooms R990 per night (B&B); R250 per child under 12. Swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi. GPS: S27.97001 E16.76118 Contact: 00 264 63 274 043;

aguesthous­e@skorpionzi­nc. com.na


Just outside town – enquire about 4x4 trails. Camping (10 stands) R60 p.p. Three self-catering units (sleep four) R250 p.p. Entrance fee R20 per vehicle for the first night. GPS: S27.86603 E16.86627 Contact: 00 264 81 122 3543;



Norotshama River Resort

Explore the adjacent Aussenkehr Park (there is a 4x4 trail), or fish and kayak on the Orange River. Camping R136 per adult; R72 per child under 12. Rooms R494 per adult sharing (B&B); R216 per child under 12. GPS: S28.39453 E17.41090 Contact: 00 264 63 297 215 (Alwina); norotshama­resort.com

Amanzi River Camp

A canoeing camp next to the river. Camping R90 per adult; R60 per child under 18; R50 per vehicle. Chalets R400 for the first person; R90 per extra person (bedding R20 p.p.). Amanzi also offers paddling trails, but book beforehand, R2 960 p.p. for four days (meals included). Morning or afternoon paddle (four hours) R195 p.p.

GPS: S28.69965 E17.53312 Contact: 021 559 1573;


Felix Unite

Also a canoeing camp, but everyone’s welcome. Camping R120 p.p. You can only book beforehand if you’re a group of 15 or more (or pay for 15 people). Cabanas R895 per night for two adults; R330 extra per child under 18 sharing. Family cabanas R1 550 per night for two adults with two children under 18. GPS: S28.68638 E17.55778 Contact: 087 354 0578;



Noordoewer Guesthouse

Perfect for when you need to overnight at the border post. They have 14 rooms, safe parking and braai facilities. Double room R850 per night; family room (sleeps three) R1 056 per night. GPS: S28.73376 E17.61539 Contact: 00 264 63 297 108;




The canyon’s classic hot spring resort. Camping R143 per adult (max eight people per stand); halfprice for children aged 6 – 12; free for children under 6. Hotel rooms at the spa from R435 p.p. (breakfast included). Self-catering family units R525 p.p. Prices usually go up in July. GPS: S27.92068 E17.48897 Contact: 021 422 3761;


Canyon Roadhouse, Village and Lodge

The Gondwana Collection has several accommodat­ion options in the area. Apply for a Gondwana card ( gondwana-card.com) to receive a discount. Canyon Roadhouse Campsite R150 p.p. (max 20 people per stand). Roadhouse from R1 006 p.p. sharing (including breakfast). Village R1 006 p.p. sharing (including breakfast). Lodge R1 372 p.p. sharing (including breakfast). GPS: S27.52431 E17.81461 Contact: 00 264 61 230 066;



Die Withuis

This guest farm is a landmark in the district; their dinners are the stuff of legend. Camping R80 p.p. Tents, mattresses and bedding in winter R125 p.p. Guest rooms R300 p.p. sharing; family rooms R660 per night (three people) or R720 per night (four people). Dinner R100 p.p.; braai packs R100 p.p.; breakfast R50 p.p. GPS: S27.62857 E18.38216 Contact: 00 264 63 262 061 (Dolf/Kinna); withuis.iway.na

Vastrap Guest Farm

Just 5 km from Grünau, next to the B3. Take a walk to see their quiver trees, or cool off in the pool. Double rooms R600 per night. Family room (sleeps four) R850 – R1 050. Half-price for children under 12. Breakfast R80 p.p. Dinner/braai packs R130 p.p. GPS: S27.73449 E18.42992 Contact: 00 264 81 127 7142 (Hettie); vastrapgue­stfarm.com

Savanna Guest Farm

It’s about 40 km north of Grünau next to the B1. There’s a swimming pool. Book horse riding in advance. Self-catering unit R550 per night (max four people). GPS: S27.38216 E18.51960 Contact: 00 264 63 683 127 (Erich); savanna-guestfarm.com

Goibib Mountain Lodge

It’s 48 km north of Grünau next to the B1. Camping (with power points) R115 p.p. Rooms cost R500 p.p. sharing (B&B), or R660 p.p. sharing (DB&B). Free for children under 12 if they share a room with their parents. Campers may also use the swimming pool. GPS: S27.33062 E18.56917 Contact: 00 264 63 683 131 (André); 00 264 61 250 725 (reservatio­ns);

goibibmoun­tainlodge.com KARASBURG AND AROAB

Liebenrust Self-catering

About 50 km from Karasburg at the foot of the Karasberg. You turn off the B3 onto the D203. The farmhouse has three rooms and sleeps six: R500 for a family of four (two adults, two kids under 18); R100 per extra person. Rate includes firewood. Their 4x4 trail takes you to an epic braai spot in the mountains. The trail costs R350 per vehicle, which includes wood as well as a drum of water to extinguish your fire afterwards. Bookings only. GPS: S27.64114 E18.67220 Contact: 00 264 63 262 087 (Hans/Sonia); hans@iway.na

Hoon’s Self-catering

It’s in Karasburg at number 8, 19th Avenue. Four self-catering units (with air conditioni­ng) from R300 per night (single supplement) to R500 for four people sharing. Rates for children negotiable. Breakfast costs R50 extra. Contact: 00 264 63 270 200 (Gert); ghoon@iway.na

Oas Guest Farm

Next to the C11 dirt road between Karasburg (80 km away) and Aroab (100 km). Tucked away in the mountains. Camping R100 p.p. One self-catering chalet (six beds) R200 p.p. GPS: S27.49480 E19.21417 Contact: 00 264 63 683 171 (Pinnie/Mantie); oas@iway.na

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