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Rates. Accommodat­ion rates and other prices listed in this guide were correct at the time of going to print. Always call or e-mail to check current rates. When you book accommodat­ion, make sure to mention that you’re South African – SADC residents often get a discount. Also enquire about discounts for children and off-peak rates. Money. We list prices in rand – the rand is equal to the Namibian dollar, and you can use rand anywhere. As a precaution, travel with a variety of debit and credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa and Maestro, as some ATMs and pay points don’t accept certain cards. Telephone numbers. If you are calling from South Africa, remember to add 00 264 before every number to access the internatio­nal dialling code for Namibia. Our numbers are already listed in this way. Keep in mind that some numbers are those of farmers – it’s best to call them in the early evening (and remember to ask whether they’ve had rain…) Websites. Some websites require the “www” in order to work, others don’t. GPS waypoints. We use the decimal degree format in this guide. We checked the waypoints using Google Earth and there may be small discrepanc­ies. If you have a GPS, use Tracks4Afr­ica’s software.

Guides and maps. This guide is best used in conjunctio­n with other quality guides and maps. We recommend the Tracks4Afr­ica GPS Namibia map and guide ( tracks4afr­ica.co.za). If you want to explore Damaraland or Kaokoland in your 4x4, buy an in-depth guide from Johan Snyman ( johans@iway.na). We also sell a durable map of Namibia – R125 from winkel.weg.co.za (Afrikaans version only).

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