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Bertus Mostert, sound operator

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it’s incredible what your mind and body can do in a situation where you have no other choice.”

Jean de Villiers, cameraman “I liked that the route markers were cairns and not arrows painted on rocks. When you walk and look up to see a cairn, you know you’re on the right track.

“I wore Vivobarefo­ot Tracker hiking boots. You can feel the earth under your feet, but the soles still offer enough traction and protection on the rocks.”

Jaen Kleynhans, cameraman “People always ask what it’s like to do a hike like this. But once you’ve done it, you kind of want to keep the experience to yourself. Go climb it yourself!”

John Taniseb, guide

“I’m 41 years old and I’ve been a guide at Brandberg since 1998. I was born in Uis and we have a farm next to the Ugab River, near Brandberg White Lady Lodge.

“The White Lady painting puts bread on the table for a lot of guides because that’s where most tourists go. I work for the National Heritage Council, but most of the guides work on a freelance basis.

“Climbing Brandberg is not for everyone – it’s a challenge. And every time is different.”

Markus Taniseb, guide “Brandberg is the place of our grandmothe­rs and great-grandmothe­rs. They showed it to us and taught us about the mountain when we were little. The graves of our greatgrand­mothers are on that mountain. It’s very special to us, as are the animals, everything from the leopard, the klipspring­er and baboon, to the snake and scorpion.”

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