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What you need to know:

The Range Rover Evoque ac­tu­ally started life as the LRX con­cept car from 2008.

Com­pletely over­whelmed by the pub­lic's ap­proval, Land Rover sim­ply had to build it; the first Evo­ques ap­peared in 2011 and are a huge suc­cess for the brand.

So huge, in fact, that now ev­ery Landy looks like an Evoque. The car that gave ev­ery­thing else its face was built on the Free­lander Mk2 plat­form so it isn't re­ally a Range Rover.

Same goes for the Dis­cov­ery Sport, which looks like an Evoque, but it re­placed the Free­lander which isn't a real Dis­cov­ery. Get it? Me nei­ther.

Some more facts: What you need to know is that any Evoque is a thing of style and class. Some peo­ple are re­pulsed by its looks but we're ig­nor­ing them. Also, we don’t care about its num­bers, specs or ir­rel­e­vant tech­ni­cal terms.

You don't con­sider buy­ing an Evoque, you yearn for it. You NEED one in your shiny life.

Where we went: OK, like, these pri­vate par­ties, to­tally exclusive farm din­ners and an im­promptu ad­ven­ture to a se­cluded na­ture re­serve.

Proper life­style stuff.

We also sub­jected it to the monotony of our daily grind and this metal­lic red Evoque al­le­vi­ated some of that daily bore­dom. It still looks great from ev­ery an­gle.

Feels good, too! All Evo­ques have very com­pre­hen­sive mod­ern lux­ury and safety items on board with var­i­ous en­gine, trim, colour, wheel and body choices. What al­ways ap­peals to us is how cus­tomis­able it is. And judg­ing by the ones on the road, peo­ple re­ally do.

Watch out for: Evo­ques are ex­pen­sive ( but exclusive) while the new con­vert­ible and two-door coupé are not as prac­ti­cal as the fam­i­lyfriendly four-door.

There isn’t a dealer in ev­ery town and peo­ple will warn against odd colour com­bos or its re­sale val­ues. We say horse ma­nure – go nuts.

Why you want one: Looks, pri­mar­ily, but ev­ery Evoque is also re­spon­sive and safe to drive (within its lim­its) and boasts with pucker off-road abil­i­ties... not that any­one ever needs them.

Most im­por­tantly, an Evoque still turns heads; es­pe­cially your own one af­ter you have parked it.

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