Ser­vic­ing your car makes it last longer and per­form bet­ter

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You’re jok­ing, right?

Nope, afraid not. There are peo­ple who don’t know that a car needs reg­u­lar main­te­nance. We once met some­one whose three-year old car had done about 40,000km with­out a sin­gle ser­vice. When asked why, the owner replied “be­cause it doesn’t need one, it’s run­ning just fine!”

So, dear car own­ers: even if your beloved char­iot is “run­ning just fine”, it won’t be for­ever if you ne­glect to ser­vice it!

But, why?

To sim­plify it, your car has MANY mov­ing parts which ei­ther need lu­bri­ca­tion, pe­ri­odic at­ten­tion or even­tual re­place­ment. If one (or more) of these fail, it could lead to your car per­form­ing badly, caus­ing ex­ten­sive dam­age or break­ing down!

What should I bud­get?

If you don’t have the lux­ury of a main­te­nance or ser­vice plan (which pays for some or all work), the ser­vic­ing of your car may get ex­pen­sive. We strongly ad­vise spend­ing as much as you can, even in­vest­ing in pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance, but if your wal­let is suf­fer­ing you could con­sult an ex­pert me­chanic to ad­vise you on which items are the most essen­tial to your car’s health.

What op­tions are there?

• If your car is still un­der war­ranty and/or has a ser­vice plan, only take it to the dealer you bought it from.

• Should your ve­hi­cle be out of war­ranty or any ser­vice agree­ments, it’s al­ways ad­vis­able to take it back to the brand deal­er­ship as they best know the prod­uct and ser­vic­ing pro­ce­dures.

• In­de­pen­dent (non-ap­proved) work­shops are a good op­tion for older ve­hi­cles and of­ten rep­re­sent the most af­ford­able way to keep your car go­ing. In any case, shop around for the best prices!

• Do­ing it your­self is def­i­nitely an al­ter­na­tive if you have an older ve­hi­cle and a keen sense for car main­te­nance. Some brand work­shops even sell do-it-your­self ser­vice kits for older cars.

OK, what else?

Mod­ern cars usu­ally tell you when they need a bit of ser­vic­ing but as your car gets older, it’s ad­vis­able to sched­ule more reg­u­lar main­te­nance. If you do a lot of mileage, the ser­vice in­ter­vals will be much shorter, but even some­one who drives very lit­tle should have their car checked (at least) once a year. Reg­u­lar ser­vices will also be a bonus if you ever want to sell your car!

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