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At home with Adriano Visagie

- Aletta Shikololo Adriano Visagie

For some of us, our daily responsibi­lities are limited to showing up at work for eight hours and breathing but have you ever wondered how it feels to be like awardwinni­ng Namibian actor, radio host, media personalit­y and full-time banker, Adriano Visagie?

Apart from him having an eight-to-five job as a premium banker at First National Bank, Visagie is also a celebrity.

Entertainm­ent Now! took a rare insight into an average busy day in the life of Namibia’s bona fide star.

Visagie wakes up pretty early, and his routine usually entails meditation, breakfast, morning workout before heading to the office.

At times his lunch hours are dedicated to fitting in an audition, an interview, but it is all for the love of the craft which in essence is a job.

“Most of my days are scheduled. Monday would be a workout day, Tuesday would be rehearsals for Song Night, Wednesday – Song Night LIVE, Thursday – recording with Regain Trust TV programme, Friday – workout day, Saturday – morning shopping with mom/coffee date with mom (this is our ritual to catch up); Sunday – church or depending on production as it’s always perfect to shoot. I also try to do a 10km run on Sunday afternoons,” Visagie shared.


Born in Katutura, Damara location, 29 years ago, Visagie from a very young age knew that he wanted to be great and has grown to be known for his work ethic, determinat­ion and openhanded­ness.

Affectiona­tely referred to by his friends as DJ ‘AD’, Visagie has always been a natural for theatre and has firmly positioned himself as on e of Namibia’s most sought-after actor.

“During high school, we were invited to the National Theatre of Namibia to watch a theatre play which our final exam consisted of – I had Higher Level English. After seeing ‘Master Harrold and the Boys’ performed by David Ndjavera, Stanley and Morné I knew that is what I wanted to do,” he narrated, adding that while doing contempora­ry dance at the College of Arts he was cast in a musical adaptation of ‘Mama Mia’ by Sandy Rudd.

“What was important for me was being on the stage – performing on the same stage I watched ‘Master Harrold and the Boys’ was a dream come true. I would then go back for auditions for roles I saw befitting and wanted to challenge and landed more theatre and film roles,” said Visagie – and that was just the start of a career which has had an extraordin­ary trajectory.


Visagie has a diploma in accounting, pursuing human resources (two more years to go) and studied dance and method acting at the College of the Arts.


One thing many might not know is that

Visagie is also a bookworm who has taken it upon himself to consistent­ly read books. “I have always loved reading as a child – moreover my mother always bought me reading and colouring books; to date I still have an adult colouring book. I was never a TV game or a playstatio­n person.”

For mental and physical strength’s sake, Visagie loves jogging, hiking and he just found his new love which is yoga.

“I de-stress by exercising. There’s nothing as therapeuti­c and energy filling as exercising,” he said.

He usually works all day and admitted to being a bit of a workaholic but in his free time the media guru also likes cooking and spending time with his family.

During the lockdown, he just got back to planting home vegetables, something he said his father taught him as a teenager.

“I barely have time to get bored, if I do, I would indulge in a good classic drama movie or read a book. I enjoy watching films or art that echoes representa­tion.”

One interestin­g thing about him that many do not know is his ethnicity, and how bilingual he is.


“Pap, spinach and Real Good Chicken. I’m really good at making my own food – and moreover, it brings me so much joy to cook for my family and friends.”

Visagie said he always cooks when he gets invited by his friends and if you want to impress him, just give him a penne basil pasta.

“That’s my favourite,” he mentioned.


Did you know that Visagie has three films under his belt?

The actor has done Salute, Sacred Places and Kapana, which currently plays in theatres (Ster Kinekor).

“I do act in films, theatre and do voiceovers. The creative space is another form of my facets of careers.”

“Having left radio made me realise that I wanted a bigger audience to engage on the same narrative of social issues,” he said, adding that he has a new online show coming to TV soon, entitled ‘What we men talk about’.

The upcoming show in collaborat­ion with Regain Trust is aimed at discussing the alarming increase in SGBV.

Adding to his numerous accolades, Visagie hosted the eight-week long series finale of the Namibia Annual Music Awards 2020.

“One of the highlights so far has been seeing a poster of myself on Ster Kinekor’s billboards, the first time a film of mine was in theatres.”


Visagie stated that he would never advise anyone to follow in his footsteps.

“I want the next generation to be bold, to create their own individual paths. I would, however, allow them to ask themselves these very important questions: Why? Why choose this career? Do I choose it to serve or to slay on Instagram? Am I willing to sacrifice a lot? What am I willing to give up?” he advised.


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 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Mother’s love… Adriano with his mother Corne Da Cunha Visagie and younger brother Shanilson Da Cunha.
Mother’s love… Adriano with his mother Corne Da Cunha Visagie and younger brother Shanilson Da Cunha.
 ??  ?? Rejuvenati­ng… Adriano spending time in the kitchen with his mother Corne Da Cunha Visagie.
Rejuvenati­ng… Adriano spending time in the kitchen with his mother Corne Da Cunha Visagie.
 ??  ?? Yoga... Adriano going through his daily routine.
Yoga... Adriano going through his daily routine.

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