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Govt lights up Gam settlement


GAM - More than 400 households in the Tsumkwe constituen­cy at Gam were on Wednesday officially connected to the government-built solar panel system at the settlement.

Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo, who officiated at the event, said the electricit­y connection to the houses was funded by government through his ministry at a cost of over N$36 million as phase two of the programme.

The Gam settlement solar plant was constructe­d nearly 10 years ago.

Alweendo explained that the

solar plant at Gam is the largest government-sponsored solar panel system in the country so far and it is placed under the care and maintenanc­e of the Central North Regional Electricit­y Distributo­r (Cenored).

“From today your houses will have electricit­y to allow you to venture into income-generating businesses and also allow our school-going children at this settlement to study at night while at home,” he said.

The minister stated that 415 households are benefiting from the project during this phase two electricit­y supply programme which started in May 2020.

The electrific­ation only benefits the households in and around the settlement, not the rural villages of Gam, said Alweendo.

The minister, who was accompanie­d by Otjozondju­pa governor James Uerikua, deputy minister of marginalis­ed communitie­s, Royal //Ui/o/oo and the newly-appointed CEO of Cenored, Robert Kahimise and Cenored board of directors at the event, said a lot still has to be done to cover all community members in the area.

Gam traditiona­l leader, Justice Uapimbi on behalf of the local people applauded government for looking after its citizens, even during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We thank you for this electricit­y connection.

We needed it the most for our domestic use and also for the safety of our children and women when they are moving around the settlement at night,” said Uapimbi.

The settlement with both primary and secondar y schools, a police station, clinic with mortuary, registered kindergart­ens, Government accommodat­ion quarters for teachers and police officers falls under the Otjozondju­pa Regional Council. -

 ?? Photo: Nampa ?? Powered… A section of the Gam electrifie­d area, which was officially inaugurate­d on Wednesday.
Photo: Nampa Powered… A section of the Gam electrifie­d area, which was officially inaugurate­d on Wednesday.

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