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FMD screening underway in Oshikoto

- Obrein Simasiku

OMUTHIYA - The directorat­e of veterinary services in Oshikoto is currently conducting footandmou­th disease ( FMD) screening in the region following an outbreak in the two Kavango regions.

“The main aim of FMD surveillan­ce is to inspect cattle for FMD-related signs or lesions if any, following the FMD outbreak in the Kavango regions recently. Although so far, we have no confirmed FMD case in Oshikoto region,” stressed state veterinari­an Dr Frenada Haufiku.

Haufiku shared this dispelling news making rounds that there was an outbreak in the region.

Instead, she said, the exercise is a precaution­ary measure that started last week.

Haufiku said this is done to detect early symptoms and prevent another outbreak in case there are some cattle from Kavango that migrated to Oshikoto.

“We always have two teams doingthesc­reeningand­inspection, and today the surveillan­ce team will be at Iikunino and Okashana Rossing crush pens in Omuthiya constituen­cy, while the second team will be at Eengodhi and Ohahati crush pens,” she said.

The FMD outbreak was first detected in September at Hoha village in Ndiyona constituen­cy of Kavango West and later in October spread to Kavango West.

Animal vaccinatio­n and animal disease control checkpoint­s have since been enforced since the outbreak.

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