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Expression­s from a citizen Sakaria I Haludilu


Mr President, I hereby write to you again for another chat.

I would like to thank you for responding to me so quickly the last time I wrote to you.

It meant a lot Mr President. Today, I have two positive things I saw in the news the other day.

Unemployed youth will renovate old government buildings and I even saw the prime minister keen to accept proposals on how we can deal with non-performing public servants.

I will not go deep into it once more, but I think this is a good thing.

We as Namibians are capable, and the above sentiments really touched me.

I really commend these efforts by government as I previously echoed them in my last letter to you.

Mr President, you are having a difficult task at hand, to serve over 2.5 million people.

This is nothing I will be able to do alone nor should you. You have a bunch of capable cabinet members, who have their staff members who are supposed to deliver.

How are you monitoring the performanc­e agreements you introduced in recent years? Are they working? Do they need a new approach? I really hope that you will keep your words of what you said when you appointed them (cabinet) that, if they are not serving the people then they have to vacate office and leave it to capable hands.

We cannot have department­s failing because of individual­s who are lazy, can’t think of the masses and can’t deliver with the resources they got.

Over the years, I’ve been very disappoint­ed by agencies returning funds to the finance ministry.

How can this be? What were they planning and even thinking when they submitted their budget? How come they can’t innovative­ly come up with long-term projects with good business acumen? How come they aren’t using the funds? Who is not doing their job?

Either way, I once again commend the above actions plus others I haven’t mentioned.

It is time we all pull together for a better Namibia and only by having serious control measures to deal with incompeten­cies.

With your extremely busy schedule, I really thank you Mr President for your inclusive leadership and calls for good governance.

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