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I...we need you to CARE!


I’ve always been a huge critic of the standard of event organising and the state of club/bars in Namibia. I just always felt that event organisers and club/bar owners never gave a donkey’s a$$ about the very people they serve.

One of the biggest points that I would drive home would be the lack of hygiene at these events and club/bars. The ablution facilities at these events and club/bars were ALWAYS of such terrible condition...that revellers would rather use unconventi­onal methods of relieving themselves when nature calls.

A pandemic has since hit us. A virus-induced pandemic that demands of us to be hygienic. I haven’t been out as much since we moved to stage 5 but my fairytale hope would be that event organizers and club/owners have stepped it up with the provision of hygienic and FUNCTIONIN­G ablution facilities.

Question now...has it improved since the original omes, H-man relaxed entertainm­ent and gathering restrictio­ns? What was your last experience the last time you went out? Did you visit the loo? In what state were the ablution facilities? Was it clean? Was there toilet paper? Were there detergents available? Running water? A functional flushing toilet? Use the hashtag #IndustryLo­op answering these questions. Brutal honesty asb.

Or was it one of those, no toilet paper, the floor is wet, toilet ring is missing, flushing not working with an unbearable stench, situation? My fairytale hope is that it was NOT the latter. Prior to Covid, I would write and complain about the lack of hygiene at events and clubs/bars all the time and industry pundits would always ridicule me. Their point is that there are more pressing matters about the industry to highlight. Covid-19 happened and the entertainm­ent industry came to a complete standstill. I wonder if they would dare to still ridicule me in the wake of Covid. Allow me...I TOLD YOU SO!

Event organizers, club and bar owners need to realise because of the nature of their business...their operations could potentiall­y be super spreading/breeding grounds. Hence the sole importance to harness a certain level of care. The whole “don’t give a f*ck” attitude will in the long run definitely result in a second wave of infections, forcing the hand of the powers that be into, reintroduc­ing strict level 1 or 2 measures. Which means, alcohol...PROHIBITED, gatherings ... PROHIBITED, ultimately to the downfall of the events and entertainm­ent industry.

Events organizers club/bar owners.... please, I beg you to start CARING! If it means incurring extra expenses, do it now. I would think that these short term extra expenses would be the better devil as opposed to a complete shutdown of the industry. Your work holds so much power. Use it wisely otherwise you WILL screw it up for the whole country.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! NSK is a profession­al MC. For bookings, email naobebseki­ @naobebseki­nd (twitter)

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