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HopSol players ready for top division – Benjamin


COLLIN Benjamin, one of the founding members of the BKK Auas Sports Trust that runs the HopSol League, said the U/17 players competing in their league are ready to compete in top division football.

The Benjamin Klinger Kandziora (BKK) Auas Sports Trust is a profession­al company focused on youth developmen­t through various sport discipline­s in Namibia and internatio­nally.

In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, Benjamin said the MTC HopSol League selected players from the U-13 to U-17 league to undergo training. Benjamin, who coaches these young players, said their U-17 players showed they are ready to compete in the first and second division in Namibia.

“I pray for their sake that organised senior football in the country will start soon as a lot of them have the ability to play in the first or second division. That way they will realise their full potential,” he said.

He added that the MTC HopSol League selection teams training camp held over the weekend made him happy as a coach, because the players reacted well to the instructio­ns as well as implementi­ng the directives from the training ground into the match.

“These boys are coachable, they are willing to learn and they have potential. Physically yes, they struggled, but it is definitely an aspect that they can work on individual­ly and they are aware of it,” said Benjamin who added that the league is sitting on something big for the Brave Warriors in the not-so-distant-future.

Benjamin stated that apart from the U/17, the U/15 squad needs to play a lot of football, whether in the street, at school or with friends at home.

“The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is very applicable to them while the U/13s are, for their young age, in a very good space. Most of them are technicall­y advanced, some of them athletic already and intelligen­t,” Benjamin said.

The HopSol League founder said he could not believe some of the passes these young boys were playing.

“The only logical explanatio­n I could come to was that these boys where nine years old when the HopSol League started. On average they played 25 to 30 matches a year, so after four years of the programme’s existence these boys have over 100 competitiv­e matches in their age groups.

The MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League is a profession­ally organised youth developmen­t soccer program in Namibia that strives to uplift and better communitie­s and individual­s. The league is focussed on developing young soccer players in the areas of sport, academics and social/ community areas.

 ?? Photo: Nampa ?? Tomorrow’s stars… Youngsters in thrilling action during an MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League match.
Photo: Nampa Tomorrow’s stars… Youngsters in thrilling action during an MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League match.

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