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FlyNamibia is an independen­t airline that prides itself in connecting people through local and regional flights whether for business or travel purposes.

Granted designated carrier status by the Namibian Transport Commission and operating as FlyWestair‚ the airline had its first official scheduled passenger flight on Monday 24 June 2019. Boldly changing the name to better reflect its role as trusted Namibian carrier‚ the airline has been operating as FlyNamibia since November 2021.

Having started out as an aircraft maintenanc­e facility more than 50 years ago in 1967‚ FlyNamibia’s mother company‚ Westair Aviation‚ has grown to become the most experience­d aviation company in Namibia. This experience along with dedicated staff provides the backbone to offer quality service and prioritise safety and keep flights on time.

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