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Namibia Hosts the Africa ICT Ministers Forum


Namibia in conjunctio­n with the United Nations Educationa­l, Scientific and Cultural Organizati­on (UNESCO) hosted the Africa ICT Ministers Forum on 4 November in Windhoek.

The ICT Ministers Forum is a formal meeting between key role players in the Informatio­n Communicat­ions Technology sphere in Africa such as the ICT Ministers themselves and internatio­nal organisati­ons such as UNESCO.

The Africa ICT Ministers Forum highlighte­d the relevance of “Informatio­n as a Public Good” to African ICT ministries, the forum also paid special attention to the historic Windhoek 30 Declaratio­n. This year marks the 30 years since May 3, 1991, When African journalist­s issued the Windhoek Declaratio­n, a document setting out principles committed to Press Freedom.

The Forum also looked at the importance of Artificial Intelligen­ce policy developmen­t, linked to the needs analysis of AI in Africa. UNESCO has launched in May of 2021 an Artificial Intelligen­ce Needs Assessment Survey in Africa. The survey highlighte­d the need to strengthen policy, legal and regulatory knowledge for AI governance in Africa. As AI holds the potential to accelerate Africa's growth potential.

The Forum additional­ly discussed recent developmen­ts and trends in the field of access to informatio­n legislatio­n in Africa, the contributi­on of access to informatio­n to developmen­t and the importance of regional cooperatio­n in the field of access to informatio­n.

Finally, the forum looked at practical ways to strengthen transparen­cy and accountabi­lity, the use of digital technology to broaden e-government processes and cross-border data flows.


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