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MCC and the missing Chinese foreign minister


By Nirmal P. Acharya Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang disappeare­d since June 25 and was dismissed from his post a month later. He was foreign minister for only seven months and previously served as ambassador to the US.

Media reports have swirled that he may be involved in espionage cases involving TV anchorwoma­n Fu Xiaotian and China's Rocket Force commander Li Yuchao.

Intelligen­ce work and counter-insurgency work are the real strengths of the US. As powerful as the Soviet Union was, it collapsed in the hands of American soft power. In modern times, Western ideology is in a strong position. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western ideology has dominated almost the entire world.

In many countries, the social elites consciousl­y or unconsciou­sly accept the brainwashi­ng of the US, and as a result, they take it as their own duty to safeguard American values. Indeed, some politician­s in some countries have long worked diligently in the interests of the US rather than in their own national interests. Even some of China's top politician­s are not immune.

I wonder if there are politician­s in my country who don't know who to work for. The MCC clearly undermines our sovereignt­y, but it still has the support of most politician­s. When Parliament passed the MCC, it issued an interpreta­tion declaratio­n in an attempt to constrain the MCC. But how binding is this unilateral, selfexplan­atory declaratio­n on the MCC? Such a declaratio­n can only show that the MPs who support the MCC know in their hearts that the MCC will harm the interests of Nepal. But they chose to put American interests above Nepal's national interests and support the passage of the MCC. At present, MCC is about to enter the full implementa­tion phase. Expect those MPS to remember the interpreta­tion declaratio­n issued when they passed the MCC.

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