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- Binod Neupane

10 Reasons Nepal is a Failed State

1. No reliable industry of its own, no job, no self-dependency

2. No FDI, no growth in the economy

3. It imports 12 times more than it exports and survives on remittance­s.

4. Its youths are the country’s only export

5. Leaders are selfish, short-sighted and busy with self-enrichment.

6. It has the most corrupted, venal and thuggish civil servants

7. The army and the police forces are underpaid, inefficien­t, and corrupted.

8. All of its public institutio­ns, such as education, health, transport, the judiciary, finance, banking, and others, are crippled by cartels.

9. It has over 30,000 INGOs working in the country, has opened more churches than schools, and no event ever happens here without outside help.

10. Outside funds sponsor the media, intellectu­als, and scholars; societies are divided into castes, religions, and political parties; Indians monopolize businesses and supplies; and all Nepali elites are sellouts.

- Tim, I Gurung It took seven and a half months just to write one law. How much did the Parliament­arians spend in this period? Is it functional?

Binod Neupane

The provincial structures are useless. There has not been any discussion on the significan­ce of such a large House of Representa­tives and the National Assembly. The National Assembly should be scrapped, and the size of the House of Representa­tives should be reduced.

Rajendra Lingden Our geopolitic­s is run by China, India, America, and the EU; the economy is operated by the World Bank and IMF; state mechanism is run by NGOs and INGOs; business is run by middlemen and brokers! The job of political leaders is to enjoy salary and allowances from the state coffer and patronise corruption!

B. P. (Koirala) never raised the issue of secularism. Federalism was not on his agenda. He was in favour of constituti­onal monarchy until his last breath. The concept of kingship was so strong in his view that he never thought about its alternativ­e. He always felt that nationalis­m cannot be safeguarde­d in the absence of a monarchy. Mahendra jailed him for eight years and he was self-exiled to foreign soil, even though, he always advocated in favour of monarchy. He did so by knowing the significan­ce of this institutio­n. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Ganeshman Singh also had the belief in monarchy. When NC gave up the three fundamenta­l agendas, Bhattarai even quit the party.

Prakash Koirala The contributi­on of the present “offensive system”: Collapse of the universiti­es and job market and all the youths going abroad.

Apil Gurung Demanding caste-based states but removing the identity of a Hindu nation in a country having a Hindu population of above 80 per cent! Saying a nation will not have a religion, then whether the nation has a caste?

Kunwar Sarkar Your federalism has become a burden for us, take it back and return us to our constituti­onal monarchy!

Teknarayan Dayalu Poudel Excerpted and translated by Sushma Shrestha

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