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Islamabad condemns Delhi’s provocativ­e remarks


Kathmandu, 27 July: Islamabad has condemned Delhi’s provocativ­e remarks made on 26 July. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement, condemned the Indian Defence Minister’s remarks in Drass, Ladakh boasting readiness to cross the Line of Control. “We counsel India to exercise utmost caution as its belligeren­t rhetoric is a threat to regional peace and stability, and contribute­s to destabiliz­ing the strategic environmen­t in South Asia,” Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has stated.

“This time political is not the first that India’s

leaders and senior military officers have made highly irresponsi­ble remarks about Azad Jammu and Kashmir and GilgitBalt­istan”, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry has said.

“This kind of jingoistic statement must stop”, the Ministry has asked India. “The Indian leadership is reminded that Pakistan is fully capable of defending itself against any aggression.”

“The practice of dragging Pakistan into India’s populist public discourse, with a view to stoking hyper-nationalis­m and reaping electoral gains, needs to end.” “Everything from history to law and from morality to the situation on the ground belies India’s claims about Jammu and Kashmir, which is an internatio­nallyrecog­nized disputed territory. The relevant UN Security Council resolution­s stipulate that the final dispositio­n of the territory will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations. India would be well-advised to faithfully implement these resolution­s, rather than entertaini­ng any notions of grandeur,” Pakistan has made her stance clear.

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