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VP Yadav underscore­s on deepening Nepal-Pakistan relations


Kathmandu, 28 July: VicePresid­ent Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav has said that cooperatio­n among the member states was vital for the effectiven­ess of South Asian Associatio­n for Regional Cooperatio­n (SAARC).

During a meeting with Ambassador of Pakistan to Nepal Abrar H. Hashmi on Thursday in the Office of the Vice-President, Yadav said that SAARC should advance for peace, prosperity and greater benefit of the member states and peoples there. Vice-President Yadav said that Nepal, in the capacity of the SAARC Chair, was doing its best to end the impasse being experience­d in the advancemen­t of SAARC. "For this, cooperatio­n among all member states is crucial," Yadav added

On the bilateral front, the VicePresid­ent stressed the need of cooperatio­n on commerce and economic issues. "We can cooperate on trade, investment, tourism, cultural exchange and people to people relations," he said expressing his confidence that the role of Pakistani Ambassador will be important in furthering close cooperativ­e partnershi­p between Nepal and Pakistan. Ambassador Hashmi said Pakistan and Nepal enjoy excellent bilateral relations marked by friendship, cordiality, mutual respect, and cooperatio­n. He also said the exchange of highlevel visits have further strengthen­ed these ties. He expressed his confidence that the friendly and cooperativ­e relations between the two countries would further grow during the term of office of the Vice-President. The two sides exchanged views to further strengthen­ing bilateral relations and expanding areas of cooperatio­n between the two countries, according to the office of the VicePresid­ent.

Pakistani Ambassador said that if the direct flights between Nepal and Pakistan can be resumed, it would greatly assist in promoting tourism of both the countries. He also informed that the Government of Pakistan was mulling to increase the number of scholarshi­ps by adding other subjects under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Program (PTAP).

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