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- - N. Adhikari Excerpted and compiled by Sushma Shrestha

Will Nepal ever achieve a unified understand­ing of history and national heritage? There has to be zero tolerance for vandalisin­g or reckless disregard for the identity of the first ruler of unified Nepal, Shree Paanch Bada Maharajadh­iraj Prithvi Narayan Shah Dev.

Republic, federalism or any form of political system shouldn’t be a whimsical reason to erase one’s history.

- Navita Srikant It is sad and reprehensi­ble to remove the statue of Badamahara­jadhiraj Prithvi Narayan Shah in the middle of the night under the instructio­ns of the Metropolit­an Chief.

Removing and vandalizin­g the statue of the king under whose leadership we got the Nepali name and identity is shameful in front of the world. I want to draw the attention of the government to immediatel­y restore the statue that was removed from Prithvi Chowk in Pokhara.

- Rajendra Lingden Let’s oppose the mayor's scandalous and disgusting work.

As long as the existence and history of Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah will remain, even if he is removed from Prithvicho­k, even if some political and ethnic frustratio­ns shout.

- Jainendra Jeevan There is funding for destroying the culture and history. Poor Nepali people do not understand the consequenc­es.

- Akhanda We make big talk about becoming rich by exporting electricit­y to India but the reality is that we are exporting electricit­y worth 10 billion rupees, whereas, importing electricit­y worth 19 billion rupees!

- Dipak Poudel I may be wrong but the governance of the nation relies on God’s blessings. I don’t think those sitting on the responsibl­e posts have been using their brains. Maybe, they are busy imposing taxes upon taxes and exploiting the taxpayers.

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