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Time to act


Citizens get nothing from the government except high taxes. It has become very difficult to survive in the country due to the uncontroll­ed price hike of daily consumable goods. Moreover, the government has imposed or increased taxes in every sector. Besides, rampant corruption has troubled those seeking services from government organs. There is an end to the rule of law, there is a horrible scenario of organized looting by those who are in power. The situation is hopeless. Geopolitic­ally, Nepal is located between two giant countries -China and India. Both neighborin­g countries have achieved enormous success in all sectors. China is in a race to become the largest economy, whereas, India is following China in this race. Nepal is nowhere in this race, moreover, the country is badly suffering from a worsening economy, a bad political system, and bad people in politics. One cannot hope for the prosperity of the nation in such a reality, rather, if this downgradin­g trend continues, the country’s sovereignt­y and independen­ce may collapse sooner or later. Therefore, a change is obvious, more than that, a drastic change is urgently needed. Otherwise, we cannot predict better days in our motherland. The frustratio­n level among the people is continuous­ly inclining and it has reached a stage of being blasted. The population is ready to come down to the streets against those neo-feudal in power.

Since the previous “people’s movement” one and two and also the “people’s war” were sponsored by foreign powers and also the present constituti­on is the gift of those foreign powers who sponsored the 2006 April uprising, the constituti­on is aimed at destroying Nepal’s rich culture, tradition and glorious history. If we continue to follow the present system, sooner or later, the map and identity of this glorious country will disappear from the globe.

This is a crucial time for patriotic Nepalis. There left little time to save and rescue the nation. If we love this nation, if we want to make the nation prosperous, if we want to make the people prosperous and happy, it is time to act against those neo-feudal who are serving the foreign powers.

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