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Will PM’s China visit be fruitful?

- By Our Reporter

Although Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, during a meeting with former prime ministers and foreign ministers last week, said that his visit to China would be fruitful and effective, many still doubt his claims.

The Prime Minister is flying to China from New York on September 22 to attend the inaugural session of the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Thereafter, he will fly to Beijing for bilateral meetings. However, as the Chinese leaders do not trust Dahal because of his unstable stance, especially regarding the BRI projects, his visit may not be fruitful. It is said that PM Dahal will become an 'unwanted' guest of Beijing this time as China has engaged in other issues like the deteriorat­ing ChinaUS

relations, the latest tension between India and China and Germany and China. Moreover, as Dahal did nothing to push forward the BRI projects for the past many years even though Nepal had signed BRI during Dahal's premiershi­p, and this has irked the northern neighbour. Still, the government has done no homework to implement BRI. Instead, a hydro project (Phuket, Karnali), which was to be developed under the BRI, was handed over to India during Dahal's latest India visit. Likewise, China is also not happy with the acceptance and implementa­tion of MCC project of the USA. Had Dahal objected to the MCC, it could not have been accepted and implemente­d. But Dahal, under the pressure of NC at home, western powers, agreed to accept that. Considerin­g the susceptibl­e activities of Dahal, China may not give that importance to him. As such, Dahal's China visit is not likely to fruitful as claimed by him.

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