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- - Balen Shah Ratna Sansar Shrestha Excerpted and compiled by Sushma Shrestha

Let you compare: when were the 17 thousand Nepalis killed; when were the thousands of Nepalis displaced; when were the infrastruc­tures destroyed; when were the government undertakin­gs made dysfunctio­nal; when were the male MPs started to take maternity allowances; when we're hundreds of scandals taken place; when was the internatio­nal prestige declined; when was the religious and communal harmony destroyed; when was the government secretarie­s, judges, teachers, police, businessme­n, ambassador­s, commission­ers became the party workers? Unpleasant incidents take place in every rule. Every ruler’s work should be judged comperativ­ely.

- Rabindra Mishra (Replaying to Arjun Narsingh KC) People know Balen was aiming at the thugs enjoying in Singha Durbar. The leaders should be purging the NC of all those corrupt thugs including Deuba and his Rani. So, don't complain about popular Balen when you remain part of the corrupt brigade. Bihari Krishna Shrestha You have ruled for 3 decades turn by turn. We handed over the leadership of the party plus country to incompeten­t, corrupt and foreign goons. While other countries are taking a long leap towards prosperity, we are increasing­ly heading towards downfall.

- Sharadraj Pathak In Nepal, politics is the only occupation which makes one rich promptly.

- Som Raj Pathak

Let’s agree that the Institutio­n of Monarchy was bad, but who manipulate­d 155 billion rupees worth of tax in 33 years? Moreover, 55 billion rupees worth of tax manipulati­on has been kept pending without an investigat­ion.

- Gajendra Budhathoki The following jobs should be done after receiving Gorge Soros (Open Society)’s funding: Criticizin­g King Prithivi Narayan Shah’s contributi­on; opposing Sanatan religion; condemning King Mahendra; opposing Nepali festivals; opposing Nepali monarchy and Nepali culture.;

- Bikalpa Adhikari The abbots of the republic are enjoying the material prosperity built by King Mahendra, but they are bent on cursing him. It has now been confirmed that King Mahendra has made the Nepalese people proud by offering significan­t gifts in the field of nationalis­m, democracy and people's livelihood.

- Dadhiram Acharya

Yes! King Gyanendra is to blame for the end of the institutio­n of monarchy because he stood up for the interests of the country and the interests of the people, and did not succumb to Indian tyranny. If only one condition of India had been accepted, there would have been direct rule of the active king in the country even today, but it became acceptable for the king to bow down to his own people instead of bowing down to India. Those who can't shake a stick, those who can't shake a mayor, shouldn't make the gossip of the king, the republic was brought by India.

- Apil Gurung Whether it is a country or a nation; that is not geography, that is not soil. That is actually the people.

- BP Koirala Never before has such extreme despair been seen in this country.

This government has not brought any plan to keep the youth in the country, nor has it shown any plan to bring them back. Young people are not able to be hopeful with this government, which is only involved in daily administra­tive and political wrangling, but the government is not serious.

- Prakash Timalsina

After the appointmen­t, judges go to the party office; lecturers go to the leaders’ houses; and political leaders go to the Lainchour palace.

Where should the desperate people go except to the airport with a passport to fly to the Gulf countries with a heavy load of sorrow and a dream in their eyes?

- Sharad Raj Pathak Last year, 2,000 doctors left the country, this year, 2,000 doctors left the country in less than 6 months.

This figure is likely to increase further after increasing occupation­al, financial and livelihood insecurity.

- Prakash Timalsina How secularism and republican­ism have been sneaked in; what a poor job the parliament had done after the 12-point agreement was inked; a discourse that helps to understand. Tribute to Suwas Nemwang!

- Dipak Gyawali If an already dead Parliament could be restored, the monarchy can also return, but now the returning monarch should be different and more assertive than the constituti­onal monarch, as the restored parliament became more powerful.

- Parag Mahesh The credit goes to the Girija government of 2048 for laying the foundation of the middleman system structure that can get rich by adopting the 'rent-seeking' trend without making any significan­t contributi­on to productivi­ty and the economy. On the same foundation, others have contribute­d according to their needs, and now the 'magnificen­t' palace of 'robbery' has been erected.

- Surya Raj Acharya

There are no people in Nepal, and how can the economy function? After 2,4 years more crisis is sure to come. All the weaknesses are in the government's policy, the government does not encourage production, the bank does not give loans, and even if the production is done, there is a problem with the market, even if the market is founded, it will not get the price, and how will the business work? How can employment be created if there is no business?

Western countries see "danger in cooperatio­n between Russia and North Korea.

But they themselves ignore the danger caused by their cooperatio­n with Ukraine and the damage and destructio­n it has wrought on Ukraine.

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