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MCC and A Book

- BY NIRMAl P. ACHARYA The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessaril­y reflect People’s Review’s editorial stance.

I recently read a book –“Xi Jinping through Nepalese Eyes”.

The two top leaders of our neighbors are the focus of the world right now. Prime Minister Modi is the favorite of the Western mainstream world, while President Xi is the most hated.

Praise for PM Modi has been pouring out of almost all mainstream media and almost all leaders of major powers.

The consensus is that India has a brilliant prime minister, a great political system, and a young demographi­c, so there is no reason not to be optimistic about India's prospects. The only question is when India will leave China behind. It may happen fairly quickly or a little slower, but it will happen. Even in the Chinese media, praise for Prime Minister Modi has been heard. On the contrary, President Xi is rejected by the Western mainstream society led by the US. President Biden publicly called him a dictator. Germany's beautiful foreign minister felt that President Biden's words were not strong enough, and she had to announce Xi as “dictator” again. At the same time, various celebritie­s have repeatedly come out to prove how primitive, barbaric and backward Xi's political system is, so that there is no human rights in China at all, and that the people of Xinjiang in China are suffering genocide just like the American Indians in the past. Under such circumstan­ces, they have concluded that the Chinese economy is bound to collapse. And all the signs and indicators prove that China's economy is on the road to collapse. Western intelligen­ce agencies and the media are counting every day which minister of China has not shown up for a few days, which minister has been removed from office, and which senior official has been prosecuted. It was inferred that Xi had become so desperate that it dared not go to India to attend the G20 summit.

As part of the IndoPacifi­c strategy of the US, MCC officially entered into implementa­tion at this time, as if MCC joined the Western anti-Xi chorus as a concert. Just as the anti-Xi chorus is in full swing, a small book “Xi Jinping through Nepalese Eyes” has been quietly published in Nepal. The book calls Xi “a once-ina-century great man” and “a beacon for all Chinese and a source of faith for other thirdworld countries”.

Let us quietly wait and see whether it is the West's view or the book's view that ultimately stands the test of history.

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