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Former King Gyanendra Receives Overwhelmi­ng Ovation in Bhaktapur

- BY SHASHI P.B.B. MAllA The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessaril­y reflect People’s Review’s editorial stance.

First of all, it was most unusual that the people of Bhaktapur (which is under the complete sway of the Communist Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party under the veteran leader Narayan Man Bijukche) invite a no longer reigning monarch to perform special puja at their holiest of holies – the Taleju Bhawani Temple. After all, Kathmandu’s political class considers the former king as the embodiment of everything that is regressive, and themselves, of course, representi­ng all that is progressiv­e.


ever since the illegal and unconstitu­tional abolition of monarchy, it has been a constant downward slide of the Nepali state into chaos and corruption.

Then the unexpected happened. The mass of people assembled at the Durbar Square used the golden opportunit­y to voice their outpouring of love and overwhelmi­ng support for the monarchy generally, and for former King Gyanendra personally.

One could hear people chanting repeatedly:

“Raja au, Desh bachau!”

[King arise, Save the country]

People could follow the unpreceden­ted mass of people and their feeling of agitation on social media – but not on TV.

The mainstream electronic media boycotted the entire proceeding­s that day and evening. The mainstream print media did likewise the next day Sunday.

They all capitulate­d and performed ‘selfcensor­ship’. This is the beginning of the end of a free press in the Himalayan Republic.

What is to be done?/ What can be done?

There is no doubt that we have come back full circle since 2008. The Constituti­on is only functionin­g for those in power. Otherwise the institutio­ns of state are in shambles.

There is great expectatio­n among the people of the Valley and the whole country that former King Gyanendra and the small band of patriotic leaders will undertake something that will ameliorate the human condition.

The former monarch will, no doubt, engage in protracted consultati­ons with advisers and the genuine leaders of the country.

The fact is that the country is ripe for regime change. The political edifice – “Loktantra” -- constructe­d by the various major political parties now resembles a house of cards.

Confrontat­ion between a ‘New People’s Movement’ & the Corrupt Kathmandu Regime

Mass street protests against the corrupt political regime is inevitable. It is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. There is the perception among the people that there is absolutely no willingnes­s among those in power to confront the evils of corruption head on.

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