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Canada-India ruckus: India's 'network of extra-territoria­l killings gone global'?

Canada retaliates: Nepal is not Canada

- -Arthur Schopenhau­er

When India began insulting Canada, the Canadian government revealed the name of the Indian diplomat “Paban Kumar Rai” who was later expelled from Canada. Rai headed RAW in Canada. And India retaliated by expelling one Canadian diplomat from Delhi.

Here is a dramatized story of how India and Canada after the G20 meet came face to face and the possible talks the two Prime Ministers may have had at the time when they met each other in Delhi at the time of the G20 meet September 9-10, 2023. Here is how we have presented the dramatized scene.

Scene 1: A beaming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the Associatio­n of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)– Canada meet, September 06, 2023, in Indonesia and a joint statement was issued at the end of the meet.

Scene 2: Prior to the ASEAN-Canada meet in Indonesia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a brief conversati­on with Ukraine President Voldomyr Zelensky over the phone and, most likely, Zelensky asked Trudeau to raise the issue of what the West calls “Russian invasion” during the G20 Summit shortly to be held in Delhi with PM Modi as the host.

The G20 began its session on September 09, 2023, which saw the feeble participat­ion of Canada and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The G20 meet ended on September 10, 2023. It was a low-key meet for the Western nations.

Scene 3: The Canadian PM Trudeau had landed in Delhi with the hope that he would create almost a sort of storm inside the G20 Hall and raise the Ukrainian issue effectivel­y with the tacit support of his NATO friends of the West more so he had expected substantia­l support on the RussiaUkra­ine ongoing war from countries like USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany and many more.

Scene 4: To the utter dismay and Himalayan puzzle of many Western nations including Canada, the final G20 declaratio­n appeared maneuvered and modified that suited to the Russian Federation caring little of the psychology of the US, France, Canada, Germany, the UK and Germany.

India as the host exhibited its hidden love and honor for the Russian federation-the legal heir apparent of the now-dissolved USSR with whom India had signed a twenty years long security treaty at the time of the Cold War.

It was this treaty which encouraged India under Mrs Indira Gandhi in the early seventies to split Pakistan, India’s competitor and a matching rival.

Scene 5: At the very start of the G20 session, PM Modi and his immediate lieutenant­s warned the entire attending countries and their leaders that there would be no talks with the Press, and no press conference­s as such could be held.

In a way, meeting with the press was almost banned. Even US President Joe Biden, Modi’s fan, to a great extent because of India's strategic partnershi­p in the Quad (US, Australia, Japan and India), could not talk to the press.

Scene 6: When talks with the Press were banned in Delhi during the G20 meet, puzzling is how and why the attending participan­ts did not make a hue and cry for the “imposed ban” from the Indian side, this is puzzling indeed. India prevailed. Scene 7: The Canadian Prime Minister prior to landing in Delhi had compiled a long list of India’s acts of interferen­ce in Canada’s internal affairs (Source Canadian Press) and was expected to reveal those “Indian acts of interferen­ce” while meeting PM Modi at time of the “would-be” bilateral talks.

Scene 8: The news got leaked and an alarmed PM Modi preferred not to engage with Justin Trudeau through bilateral talks but managed somehow or the other to talk on the sidelines which didn’t allow Trudeau to furnish detailed accounts of Indian interventi­on in Canadian affairs by the Indian Embassy in Ottawa.

Scene 9: After the diplomatic niceties, the two Prime Ministers almost came face-to-face and both began hurling allegation­s at each other.

Justin Trudeau modestly told his Indian counterpar­t Modi that his government has collected some “credible informatio­n” on Indian diplomats in Ottawa poking their nose in Canadian internal affairs.

Listening to this, PM Modi blasted at PM Trudeau saying with a red face that “you have been encouragin­g the Khalistan supporters in your country and that you must bring about a halt to these India teasing acts”. PM Modi added, “The Khalistani­s are a secessioni­st/terrorist group who wish to split India by residing in Canada, your country".

Upon hearing this open threat from PM Modi, Justin Trudeau could not control himself and backfired saying, “One Indian diplomat from your Ottawa mission was engaged in the killing of one Canadian national, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, around a Sikh temple in Surrey, British Columbia. We have collected credible intelligen­ce informatio­n”. Scene 10: Thus a heated debate continued for a few minutes and both shook hands though both felt uneasy.

Scene 11: As luck would have it, the aircraft that had brought PM Trudeau to Delhi developed a snag which forced the Canadian PM to spend two extra nights in Delhi.

Just guess what the Canadian PM may have felt staying extra in a land whose accredited diplomat in his country was involved in the killing of a Canadian Sikh in Surrey, British Columbia. Poor Justin Trudeau must have felt extra humiliatio­n while being inside the Indian territory.

Scene 12: Finally on September 12, 2023, PM Trudeau left the Indian soil for his country.

Yes! He returned with a grand and firm resolve! A determined Justin Trudeau was back in Ottawa with added courage and, as we had expected at this news portal, that he may not digest the humiliatio­n and insult that he had received in India at the time of the heated debate with PM Modi.

Scene 13: Upon reaching his home country, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared unwavering on how to take “revenge” on India and its Prime Minister Modi who humiliated and insulted him on several counts and even accused him of having provided shelter to dreaded separatist­s in Canada. Surely, PM Modi was referring to the strong 8,000,00 (Eight lakhs) contingent­s of Sikh Canadians who were almost the proponents of a separate land (The Khalistan) inside India, Punjab.

Scene 14: Justin Trudeau then took his cabinet into confidence and decided to raise the issue of the gunning down of a Canadian national, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, in Surrey, British Columbia, June 18, 2023. Scene 15: Ten minutes earlier Hardeep Singh Nijjar had ordered his son, Balraj Singh Nijjar that he would attend the dinner.

It was Father’s Day by the way the day masked gunmen killed senior Najjar.

The dinner was with homemade pizza that evening, say Canadian media sources.

Some media also claim that on June 18, Hardeep Singh Nijjar was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds inside a vehicle. This means that the slain Nijjar was probably a truck driver. He is said to work as a plumber.

Now the full story:

A stunned Justin Trudeau felt awkward when he saw his Western friends, Biden, Macron, Rishi Sunak and others…listening with folded hands to the final draft of the G20 declaratio­n that didn’t contain scathing criticisms on the much-publicized Russian invasion/attack on Ukraine, he made then a resolve to provide a small hint to the host PM Modi on India’s continued interferen­ces in Canadian internal affairs by one of the diplomats posted in the Indian embassy in Ottawa. Joe Biden, sources say, also talked of the Canada killing with PM Modi in Delhi. This means that the Canadian PM had briefed Joe Biden. As Trudeau accused the Indian PM Modi, the latter blasted at Trudeau the next moment and hurled strong charges on Trudeau that he was the one in Canada encouragin­g the SikhCanadi­ans to demand a separate homeland for the Indian Sikhs in Punjab, India.

Just imagine the scene as to how the two prime ministers may have clashed with one another accusing one against the other.

Trudeau felt much humiliated that Modi met

“A higher degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial.”

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