A New Dawn: Res­ur­rec­tion of En­light­ened & Ad­vanced Com­mu­nism in the Hi­malayas

People's Review - - LEADER - BY PRABASI NEPALI

Last week, the peo­ple of Nepal were flab­ber­gasted on hear­ing the news that the lead­ing pro­gres­sive forces of the coun­try were go­ing to unite to fi­nally con­front the back­ward, bour­geoisie par­ties. Like a phoenix ris­ing out of the ashes of the past, the for­ward-look­ing Com­mu­nist Par­ties – the Com­mu­nist Party of Nepal –Maoist Cen­tre (Maoists/CPNMC), the Com­mu­nist Party of Nepal – United Marx­ists-Lenin­ists (CPNUML/Emale) and the Naya Shakti Party-Nepal (NSPN) were to cre­ate a new Com­mu­nist Al­liance in the first in­stance to con­test the forth­com­ing pro­vin­cial/state and na­tional par­lia­men­tary elec­tions. In the sec­ond phase, af­ter the in­evitable tri­umph of the en­ter­pris­ing pro­gres­sive Com­mu­nist forces – the peo­ple of Nepal will have no choice, but to back such dy­namic, avant-garde pow­ers vis-à-vis re­ac­tionary par­ties – will then co­a­lesce to give birth to a new Com­mu­nist Move­ment, such as the world has not yet ex­pe­ri­enced! The nascent Com­mu­nist al­liance – let us call them the “Ul­tra-Pro­gres­sive Neo-Com­mu­nists” -- will be led by such stal­warts as Com­rade-in-Chief Pushpa Ka­mal Da­hal, who was awarded the ep­i­thet of “Prachanda”, the ‘Fierce One' by his myr­iad of fol­low­ers in­land and his count­less ad­mir­ers in­ter­na­tion­ally, for his dar­ing ex­ploits against the then Royal Nepalese Army (RNA), whose in­ept gen­er­als shook in fear on hear­ing his name. Com­rade Prachanda planned bril­liant vic­to­ri­ous cam­paigns in the hills and moun­tains of the erst­while Hi­malayan King­dom in­still­ing ter­ror and panic in the ill-trained reg­u­lar sol­diers or spies and hap­less of­fi­cers of the RNA. He not only trans­formed the tac­tics and strat­egy of China's Mao Ze­dong in the field, but gave birth to new ideas and thoughts, bring­ing forth a whole new phi­los­o­phy of Com­mu­nism. More than any other Com­mu­nist leader, Prachanda com­bined the­ory and prac­tice in a su­perb man­ner. One can thus speak of “Prachanda's Thoughts” as the log­i­cal con­clu­sion of Karl Marx, Friedrich En­gels, Vladimir Lenin, Stalin and Mao Ze­dong. Not to be out­done was the other prom­i­nent Maoist leader, who was bril­liant in his own way, but was con­demned to labour in the shadow of the great Prachanda. This was none other than Dr. Babu­ram Bhat­tarai, the non plus ul­tra of Marx­ism-Lenin­ism-Stal­in­ism-Mao­ism the­ory, and the prod­uct of the elite Jawa­har­lal Nehru Univer­sity in New Delhi. He was the Com­mu­nist ide­o­logue par ex­cel­lence. To bring the the­ory and prac­tice of Com­mu­nism to even greater heights, he tac­ti­cally formed his new pi­o­neer­ing “Naya Shakti” or “New Force” party, which on the sur­face was a re­formist Demo­cratic So­cial­ist Party, but was in­tended to at­tract and trans­form the re­gres­sive, bour­geois mid­dle class ur­ban elites. Hav­ing suc­ceeded to a great ex­tent, the brainy doc­tor of po­lit­i­cal phi­los­o­phy re­verted to his true self, and will now be one of the ‘Great Helms­men' in the Nepalese ‘Ul­tra-Pro­gres­sive Neo-Com­mu­nist Move­ment'. Un­for­tu­nately, many ret­ro­grade Nepalese (usu­ally neo-monar­chists) have started a whis­per­ing cam­paign that both Com­rades Prachanda and Bhat­tarai have been trained by In­dia's ex­ter­nal spy agency and are be­holden to In­dia be­cause of the long years of covert and overt sup­port to the Maoist in­sur­gency against the Nepalese state. These, soon to be dis­pos­sessed mon­eyed classes main­tain evilly that these two dis­tin­guished Com­mu­nist lead­ers – on the thresh­old of achiev­ing great things for our coun­try – are ac­tu­ally fifth-colum­nists in the pay of our south­ern neigh­bour. This last it­self calumny, since this neigh­bour has only our well-be­ing at heart and wants to pro­tect us from the depre­da­tion com­ing from the north! The third cog in the wheel, or rather the star in the tri­umvi­rate of the ‘Ul­tra-Pro­gres­sive Neo-Com­mu­nist Move­ment' is none other than for­mer prime min­is­ter and cur­rent chair­per­son of the ‘Emale', His As­tute Com­man­der, Com­rade K.P. Sharma Oli. No one has taken real credit for the birth of the ‘Grand Com­mu­nist Al­liance', but it seems that the seeds were sown a long time back by the grand com­man­der of Com­mu­nist ‘wheel­ing-deal­ing', Bam Dev Gau­tam, the master of al­liances, and con­sum­mate Machi­avelli of Nepalese pol­i­tics. He could con­vince his Chair­man Oli of the need to cre­ate a Com­mu­nist block and was aided in this ven­ture by two for­mer PMs, Mad­hav Ku­mar Nepal (‘Makune') and Jha­lanath Khanal (‘Jhallu') Com­rade Oli was, of course, very much game in pre­cip­i­tat­ing this mo­men­tous de­vel­op­ment. Af­ter all, his ten­ure as PM had been rudely in­ter­rupted by mis­chievous forces hell bent on pre­vent­ing him from re­al­iz­ing his grand de­sign for the Nepalese na­tion and its suf­fer­ing peo­ple. Un­der him, Nepal had al­ready reached the ‘take-off stage' to be­come an Asian Switzer­land! How­ever, first the tot­ter­ing and aim­less rump gov­ern­ment (sooner, more than later the Maoist com­rades were bound to leave the in­cum­bent gov­ern­ment, mak­ing it im­plode) would have to be ter­mi­nated, end­ing the agony of the Nepalese peo­ple. There is ab­so­lutely no doubt that the “new left al­liance” will come to power in the com­ing par­lia­men­tary elec­tions -- since all the Com­mu­nist fac­tions sep­a­rately gar­nered around 60 per­cent of the votes in the last na­tional elec­tions. Thus, Oli far­sighted as he is, al­ready (def­i­nitely not pre­ma­turely!) enun­ci­ated the do­mes­tic pol­icy of his ‘new left unity' gov­ern­ment (is there any doubt as to who the ‘Supreme Leader' is go­ing to be?): ‘to en­sure the rule of law, curb cor­rup­tion and en­hance na­tional in­de­pen­dence (mu­sic in the ears of the In­dian es­tab­lish­ment!), sta­bil­ity and eco­nomic pros­per­ity.' In the in­ter­na­tional arena Com­rade Oli's aims are lofty in­deed: “The new gov­ern­ment will adopt bal­anced and re­spectable for­eign poli­cies guided by the prin­ci­ple of Pan­chasheel, Non­aligned Move­ment (non-aligned that is be­tween China and In­dia) and the UN Char­ter.” With such vi­sion­ary con­cepts, don't be sur­prised if the in­spired tri­umvi­rate is in­vited as dis­tin­guished del­e­gates to the forth­com­ing piv­otal party congress of the Com­mu­nist Party of China (CPC). The in­cum­bent PM Sher Ba­hadur Deuba (‘the Lion-Hearted', what­ever that may mean) was caught com­pletely un­awares by the new, his­toric de­vel­op­ment. He faces a clas­sic, but also his­toric dilemma: ‘What is to be done' [!] He is des­per­ately try­ing to put to­gether a counter-coali­tion (the so­called ‘broader demo­cratic al­liance', but his own party is in sham­bles. His peers in the party are old fo­geys with no inkling what­so­ever how to pro­ceed to weather the gath­er­ing storm. His pro­posed coali­tion part­ners are like jack­als try­ing to snatch away the choic­est morsels. To add to his woes, two Mad­hes-based par­ties, the Sanghiya Sa­ma­jbadi Fo­rum-Nepal (SSF-N) and the Rashtriya Janata Party-Nepal (RJP-N) which did well in the lo­cal elec­tions have also de­cided to form an elec­toral al­liance. This leaves Deuba not only in a tight spot, he is vir­tu­ally be­tween the devil and the deep blue sea.

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