Agree­ment on tran­sit pro­to­col with China his­tor­i­cal break­through

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China has ex­tended a friendly ges­ture by ac­cept­ing all the con­di­tions put for­warded by Nepal on the tran­sit and trans­porta­tion pro­to­col be­tween the two coun­tries. Af­ter sign­ing on the pro­to­col on 6 Septem­ber by the third con­sul­ta­tive meet­ing in Kath­mandu, China has made pos­si­ble Nepal's ac­cess to the third coun­try en­try via the Chi­nese sea­ports. Sign­ing on the pro­to­col has ended Nepal's sole de­pen­dency with In­dia on third coun­try trade. The two-day-long con­sul­ta­tive meet­ing in Kath­mandu has fi­nal­ized im­por­tant ten sub­jects in the pro­to­col. In­dus­try, Com­merce and Sup­plies Min­is­ter Ma­trika Yadav said that along with the fi­nal­iza­tion on the pro­to­col for the tran­sit and trans­porta­tion agree­ment, China has made pos­si­ble Nepal's trade with third coun­tries via Chi­nese ports. Min­is­ter Yadav in­formed about this at a press con­fer­ence or­gan­ised by the Min­istry on Fri­day. Af­ter fi­nal­iza­tion of the pro­to­col, agree­ment on tran­sit and trans­porta­tion will take place af­ter one month. The Min­is­ter said that now on­wards, Nepal can trade with third coun­tries ex­cept from two sea­ports in In­dia. China has given ac­cess to all her sea­ports to Nepal. The two-day long third con­sul­ta­tive meet­ing held in Kath­mandu has fi­nal­ized 10 im­por­tant sub­jects. Af­ter Chi­nese ap­proval on pro­to­col, Nepal's de­pen­dency on tran­sit with In­dia will be ended, said the Min­is­ter. Chan­dra Ghimire, Sec­re­tary at the Min­istry, said that China has given writ­ten ap­proval to use all sea­ports of China to Nepal. For the time be­ing, it has been agreed to use Tian­jin, Shen­zhen, Lianyun­gang and Zhan­jiang sea­ports. Ac­cord­ingly, among the dry ports, China has al­lowed Nepal to use Lan­chow, Lhasa and Sight­see dry ports. Prime Min­is­ter KP Sharma Oli has re­marked that this is a his­tor­i­cal break­through. Ear­lier, in the Bei­jing meet­ing, China had de­manded op­er­a­tion of Chi­nese ve­hi­cles upto the Nepal-In­dia trade points against the use of Chi­nese roads by Nepal. This is­sue had cre­ated prob­lems for Nepal as with­out China-In­dia agree­ment on trade via Nepal could be ob­jec­tion­able for In­dia. The Nepali side had tried to clar­ify the prob­lem with the Chi­nese side. The pro­to­col was not inked in Bei­jing meet­ing due to the Chi­nese stance on move­ment of Chi­nese ve­hi­cles in Nepali roads. This time also if China had taken stance on this is­sue, the pro­to­col could not be signed. How­ever, the Chi­nese side ac­cepted Nepal's con­di­tions. Within a month, the pro­to­col will get ma­tured and the agree­ment on tran­sit and trans­porta­tion can be im­ple­mented.

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