Traf­fic Man­age­ment in Kath­madu Val­ley : A Con­cept Pa­per

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13. Taxi driv­ers not us­ing fare me­ters and charg­ing ex­or­bi­tantly ac­cord­ing to their own sweet will 14. Unor­gan­ised bus, mini-bus and tempo stops

3. High-level Com­mit­tee

A High-level Traf­fic Man­age­ment Com­mit­tee to be formed of the fol­low­ing: 1. Mayor, Kath­mandu Met­ro­pol­i­tan City 2. Mayor, Lal­it­pur Metr­poli­tan City 3. Mayor, Bhak­ta­pur SubMetropoli­tan City 4. Mayor, Mad­hya­pur Thimi Mu­nic­i­pal­ity 5. Di­rec­tor Gen­eral, De­part­ment of Trans­port Man­age­ment 6. Chief, Traf­fic De­part­ment 7. Di­rec­tor Gen­eral, De­part­ment of Roads 8. Chief, Trans­port En­ter­preneurs' As­so­ci­a­tion 9. Chief, Ho­tel As­so­ci­a­tion of Nepal 10. Chief, Tourism En­trepreneurs' As­so­ci­a­tion 11. Chief, Tourism Devel­op­ment Board 12. Chief, Restau­rant and Bar As­so­ci­a­tion 13. Chief, Na­tional Cham­ber of Po­lice Com­merce 14. Chief, Na­tional En­vi­ron­ment Coun­cil 15. Any other dig­ni­taries

4. Im­me­di­ate Steps to be Taken

1. Im­port of Mo­tor­cy­cles and ply­ing in­side KV to be stopped im­me­di­ately 2. Im­port of Cars and ply­ing in­side KV to be stopped im­me­di­ately 3. Ex­ist­ing old mo­tor­cy­cles, cars, buses, mini-buses, lor­ries, trucks and other ve­hi­cles older than 10 years must be scraped 4. Ban­ning of use of hand carts and rick­shaws in the core city ar­eas from 05:00 to 23:00 5. Hand carts and rick­shaws can be op­er­ated only 23:30 to 04:30 6. Park­ing of Mo­tor­cy­cles and Cars on the roads must be banned 7. Pedes­tri­an­iza­tion of Lo­cal­i­ties to be done im­me­di­ately: 1 Ason 2 Masan Galli 3 Ma­haboud­dha Galli 4 Asan Galli 5 Tyauda Galli 6 Jy­atha Galli 7 In­dra­chowk 8 Ch­wakhachhen Galli and so on 8. Ze­bra Cross­ings to be planned and main­tained 9. Wher­ever pos­si­ble, mo­to­cy­cles to be seg­gre­grated 10. Wher­ever pos­si­ble, bus pri­or­ity lanes and safa tempo lanes to be pro­vided 11. Mo­tor­cy­cles must al­lowed to over­take cars. 12. Vans and trucks to be al­lowed in City Roads only from 23:30 and 04:30 13. Park­ing ar­eas for cars and mo­tor­cy­cles to be al­lot­ted and man­aged by au­to­matic tick­et­ing ma­chines 14. Roads in city core ar­eas to be resur­faced and well-main­tained free of any pot-holes 15. Road drainage sys­tem to be main­tained prop­erly 16. Tundikhel area to be man­aged for mo­tor cy­cle park­ing 17. Fire bri­gade can be used for car park­ing 18. Foot­paths must be free for only pedes­tri­ans 19. Bus stops, Safa Tempo Stops and Minibus stops to be ar­ranged prop­erly. 20. Over­crowd­ing of buses must be stopped. 21. No of com­muters must not ex­ceed the seat­ing ca­pac­ity of bus, mini-bus or Safa Tempo 22. Bus and mini-bus park to be ar­ranged and man­aged prop­erly 23. Pri­or­ity seats for dis­abled, ladies, el­derly peo­ple and chil­dren should be made avail­able in all not be buses and mini-buses 24. Fre­quency of buses, minibuses and safa tem­pos must be main­tained as per timetable ap­proved by the Traf­fic Man­age­ment Com­mit­tee 25. Sweep­ing of roads by ma­chine must be done in all the core city roads 26. Re­cy­clable items bins and gen­eral waste bins , and com­mer­cial waste bins must be pro­vided at suit­able places and col­lec­tions ar­ranged in night times 27. Traf­fic sig­nals must be re­paired and main­tained ;prop­erly. 28. Ad­di­tional traf­fic sig­nals have to be in­stalled. 29. Taxi me­ters must be up­dated 30. Taxis must run on me­ters only whether short or long dis­tance 31. Taxi driv­ers not abid­ing by laws and re­fus­ing to serve needy pas­sen­gers or re­fus­ing to run me­ters must be banned from driv­ing taxis 32. Traf­fic po­lice must be on the alert to see that taxis run on me­ters only and not ask­ing ex­tra money from pas­sen­gers

5. Short-term Mea­sures and Long-term

Short-term mea­sures 1. Park­ing lots for mo­tor­cy­cles

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