A coun­try de­stroyed by the po­lit­i­cal lead­ers

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In the re­cent past, our pow­er­ful Prime Min­is­ter KP Sharma Oli com­plained that no­body lis­tens to him and he has not been able to work as per his wish. Just re­cently, our prime min­is­ter in wait­ing, Push­paka­malDa­hal said that the civil ser­vice­men didn't obey the gov­ern­ment de­ci­sions. There­fore, the gov­ern­ment is com­pelled to ne­go­ti­ate with them. The above two ex­am­ples are enough to eval­u­ate the per­for­mance of the gov­ern­ment se­cur­ing twothirds ma­jor­ity now and which is con­sid­ered very pow­er­ful. The gov­ern­ment is talk­ing about po­lit­i­cal sta­bil­ity and eco­nomic pros­per­ity, but it stands on the base of cor­rup­tion, com­mis­sion and an­ar­chism. It is vir­tu­ally im­pos­si­ble for the gov­ern­ment to get rid of these el­e­ments and it is vir­tu­ally im­pos­si­ble to ex­pect eco­nomic pros­per­ity from the present gov­ern­ment. There are enough rea­sons to say so. Since the in­tro­duc­tion of the mul­ti­party sys­tem in 1989, the civil ser­vice sec­tor, con­sid­ered as the per­ma­nent gov­ern­ment, has been de­stroyed. Since Gir­ija Prasad Koirala be­came the prime min­is­ter, he sacked all the prom­i­nent, ex­pe­ri­enced and qual­i­fied gov­ern­ment of­fi­cers and as­signed his syco­phants in re­spon­si­ble jobs. Since then, along with the change of the gov­ern­ment, the gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials were also trans­ferred. More se­ri­ously, the po­lit­i­cal par­ties wanted to de­velop their wings in the civil ser­vice sec­tor also. To­day, the civil ser­vice­men be­long to dif­fer­ent po­lit­i­cal par­ties and their job is not to pro­vide ser­vice to the com­mon­ers, but to look after the wel­fare of those of­fi­cials who be­long to the unions/ or­ga­ni­za­tions. Re­cently, the gov­ern­ment tried to send civil ser­vice­men to the prov­inces, but no­body was in­ter­ested to work un­der the pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ments. This is an in­di­ca­tion that the gov­ern­ment has been to­tally par­a­lyzed due to non-co­op­er­a­tion from the civil ser­vice sec­tor. The civil ser­vice sec­tor has been de­stroyed by none other than the po­lit­i­cal par­ties and the present Com­mu­nist Party of Nepal is not aloof from com­mit­ting the mis­take. Fur­ther­more, the present gov­ern­ment is un­der the grip of bro­kers, con­struc­tion con­trac­tors, cor­rupt of­fi­cials, among oth­ers. As the lead­ers in the gov­ern­ment are in­volved in col­lect­ing money that they had spent dur­ing the elec­tions, the Com­mis­sion for In­ves­ti­ga­tion on Abuse of Au­thor­ity (CIAA) has be­come a silent spec­ta­tor of all the mal-prac­tices. Surely, un­der the present po­lit­i­cal sys­tem, those po­lit­i­cal lead­ers in the gov­ern­ment and their close work­ers are head­ing to­wards the path of their per­sonal pros­per­ity rather than the na­tion's pros­per­ity. Sim­i­larly, as the lead­ers of the day are un­der the grip of the West­ern INGOs/NGOs, they are fol­low­ing the guid­ance of the bosses of the INGOs/NGOs. Not to for­get, such INGOs are work­ing in Nepal not for the pros­per­ity of this coun­try but to end re­li­gious, cul­tural and com­mu­nal har­mony, push­ing the Nepalis to­wards a never-end­ing con­flict and their great ef­fort is to split Nepal. CK Raut is thus ac­tive for this cause. The Western­ers want to trans­form Nepal into a Chris­tian na­tion, this is why Nepal was de­clared a sec­u­lar, fed­eral re­pub­lic na­tion. And those, who served the West­ern in­ter­ests, they are in power. There­fore, to ex­pect pros­per­ity from this group of lead­ers is just a dream which is far from re­al­ity. In fact, it is a fool­ish idea to ex­pect the na­tion's pros­per­ity through the present po­lit­i­cal sys­tem adopted by the coun­try, which has al­ready been proved. So far, the lead­ers' job is to dis­trib­ute dreams to the peo­ple and thus PM KP Sharma Oli is time and again re­peat­ing the word “pros­per­ity”!

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