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Hypno PQ Use: Two-Four per­son, three sea­son To­tal Weight: 1,407 grams Floor Area: 2.88 m2 Vestibule: 1.18m2 op­tional ex­tra RRP: $ 899 Nemo’s Air Sup­ported Tech­nol­ogy al­lows a fast easy set up, pro­vides stur­di­ness in high winds, has a small pack size and is easy to re­pair. Fea­tures in­clude storm door, re­mov­able in­ter­nal air beam, 30D PU coated abra­sion re­sis­tant ny­lon floor, re­mov­able ex­ter­nal air beam, over­head vent, 30D sil-ny­lon shell Ho­gan Ul­tra­light Use: 1-2 per­son, 3-4 sea­son back­pack­ing To­tal Weight: 1.7kg Floor Area: 2.4m2 Vestibule: Sin­gle RRP: $495.00 Fea­tures: Fly: 40D Polyamid Rip­stop 240T, 2-sided sil­i­conized, 3,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Floor: 40D Polyamid Rip­stop 240T, PU lam­i­nated 10,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Poles: Linked ridge and side poles, DAC Feath­erlight 9.8mm 7001 T6 alu­minium Colour: Orange Ho­gan Use: 2 per­son, 3-4 sea­son back­pack­ing To­tal Weight: 2.92kg Floor Area: 2.9m2 Vestibule: Sin­gle RRP: $475.00 Fea­tures: Fly: 75D Polyester 185T, PU coated, 5,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Floor: 70D Polyamid 210T Pre­mium, PU coated, 10,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Poles: Ex­ter­nal fast-pitch ridge and two side poles all linked, DAC 11mm/10.2mm 7001 T6 alu­minium Colour: Petrol Campo Grande/Campo Fam­ily Use: 3 sea­son 3 or 5 per­son for short trekking trips or car camp­ing. To­tal Weight: 3.6kg/5.6kg Floor Area: 3.5/5.7m2 Vestibule: Two RRP: $330.00/$475.00 Fea­tures: Fly: 70D Polyester 185T, PU coated, 3,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Floor: 70D Polyamid 190T, PU coated, 5,000mm wa­ter col­umn. Poles: 3 x DAC 11mm 7001 T6 alu­minium Good head space. Colour: Green/Sand Mor­pho AR Use: 2-3 per­son ad­ven­ture/trekking. 4 sea­son To­tal Weight: 2,542 grams Floor Area: 3.7 m2 Vestibule: 1.3m2 RRP: $ 1,250 Fea­tures: Nemo’s Air Sup­ported. Fea­tures in­clude Air Sup­ported Tech­nol­ogy, PU front win­dow, Ex­ofly re­tractable front canopy, large mesh front door, 30D PU coated abra­sion re­sis­tant ny­lon floor, strut­ted side vent, re­mov­able in­ter­nal air beams, rear scoop style vent, 30D wa­ter­proof/breath­able shell, sim­ple at­tach­ment al­lows a vestibule for con­ve­nience in the rain. COLE­MAN EP­SILON 3 Use: 3 Per­son Ad­ven­ture Tent To­tal Weight: 3.10kg Floor Area: 230cm x (190cm/ 90cm) x 110cm H Vestibule: 70cm x (125cm x 90cm) RRP: $399.95 Fea­tures: This Ul­tra com­pact, stable and light­weight 3 per­son tent gives you the use of two doors and the nec­es­sary flex­i­bil­ity for the ex­tremes of na­ture. Re­flec­tive seams and guy ropes help you to lo­cate the tent at night. COLE­MAN SPIRIT 2 Use: 2 Per­son Ad­ven­ture Tent To­tal Weight: 1.99kg Floor Area: 260 x 145 x 95cm H RRP: $239.95 Fea­tures: The Cole­man Spirit 2 is a light­weight sin­gle pole tent per­fect for those overnight ex­cur­sions. It of­fers sin­gle en­try to the in­ner and fly, and alu­minium pegs for lighter weight when on the move. COLE­MAN DUO DELUXE 2 Use: 2 Per­son Ad­ven­ture Tent To­tal Weight: 3.28kg Floor Area: 230cm x 140cm RRP: $289.95 Fea­tures: The Duo Deluxe ad­ven­ture tent is a sin­gle room tent with dual en­trances via large D style doors, which of­fers easy ac­cess for each per­son plus stor­age area. 185T Rip­stop Polyester, 2000mm proofed, sealed fly and 190T Ny­lon floor­ing with taped seams.

Eos 2P Use: Ul­tra­light, 2 per­son To­tal Weight: 2.4kg Floor Area: 2.37sq/m Vestibule: 1.02 sq/m RRP: $699 Fea­tures: Light­weight two-per­son tent with an in­no­va­tive pole de­sign for spa­cious liv­ing on the trail. Fea­tures Stake TapeTM, Welded Vel­cro at­tach­ments, Bare Bones Setup, Op­tional foot­print, Op­tional gear loft, DAC Feather­lite poles, Win­dow Weld TM, and Vestibule. Ear­ly­light 2P Use: Back Coun­try, 3 sea­son, 2 per­son To­tal Weight: 2.4kg Floor Area: 2.7 sq/m Vestibule: 1.37 sq/m RRP: $399 Fea­tures: With a sim­ple, light and strong pole struc­ture, good ventilatio­n, Bare Bones Setup, Op­tional foot­print, Op­tional gear loft, DAC Feather­lite poles, Fly Vent, Two vestibules, Two doors and Light re­flec­tive points. Thor 3P Use: Ex­pe­di­tion, 3 per­son To­tal Weight: 3.8kg Floor Area: 4.4 sq/m Vestibule: 1.1 sq/m RRP: $1299 Fea­tures: Dual di­am­e­ter poles, Welded Vel­cro at­tach­ments, Welded Vel­cro at­tach­ments, Stake TapeTM, Door ties, Snag free zip­per flap, Field Re­pair Kit, Op­tional foot­print, Poled vestibule, Two doors, Light re­flec­tive points. Po­riaz Use: Ideal for gen­eral sum­mer/ spring camp­ing with am­ple room for three peo­ple. To­tal Weight: 4320gm Floor Area: 210cm x 220cm Vestibule: 1 vestibule RRP: $649.50 Fea­tures: Quick & easy to pitch, durable, light­weight & pack­able. Large mesh side pan­els & two large win­dows in the fly al­low­ing for greater air cir­cu­la­tion & poles that at­tach to tent in­ner us­ing no-fuss, colour-coded clips. Northstar Plus v2 Use: Two per­son tent de­signed for tramp­ing & year-round back­pack­ing. To­tal Weight: 3160gm Floor Area: 230cm x 110cm Vestibule: Sin­gle Vestibule RRP: $799.50 Fea­tures: Ver­sa­tile, light­weight three pole tent pro­vides sta­bil­ity & good per­for­mance. 240T rip­stop ny­lon in­ner, 50D polyester fly with 1500mm PU coat­ing & sil­i­cone treat­ment & fully seam sealed 210T ny­lon bath­tub floor with 10,000mm PU coat­ing. Es­pace 400 Tent Use: Large fam­ily tent (up to 7 per­son) To­tal Weight: 26.5 kg To­tal Floor Area: 22.25 m2 Cen­tral liv­ing area: max 12.25 m2 RRP: $1,749.90 Fea­tures: Ex­ten­sive cen­tral liv­ing space, 2 dou­ble clip-in rooms, 4 en­trances, clip-in cen­tral ground­sheet. Aero­dy­namic de­sign with alu­minium poles for struc­tural strength. Poly­cot­ton outer fab­ric with PU coat­ing, UV re­sis­tant treat­ment and tape sealed seams = ex­cep­tion­ally weath­er­proof. Out­stand­ing weight to space ra­tio. Ca­bana 200 Tent Use: 2 room fam­ily tent To­tal Weight: 70 kg To­tal Floor Area: 17 + 7.82 = 24.82 m2 Ve­ran­dah: 7.82 m2 RRP: $1,999.90 Fea­tures: 8oz Can­vas = high level of strength, dura­bil­ity & UV re­sis­tance plus good wa­ter­proof rat­ing; Pre-con­nected pas­si­vate steel poles num­bered for easy pitch­ing; No-See-Um mesh; wheeled pole & tent bags. Ca­bana Se­ries incl. op­tional sun­room or wind­break & 50 (2 per­son tour­ing tent). Re­treat 300 Tent Use: 2 room fam­ily dome tent To­tal Weight: 24 kg To­tal Floor Area: 20.46 m2 Vestibule: 6.67 m2 RRP: $999.90 Fea­tures: Fly­sheet - 185T polyester with 3000mm PU coat­ing & UV re­sis­tant treat­ment; In­ner – 185T polyester; Re­treat PE poles; Steel porch poles; Colour coded pole sleeves; Seam taped fly & welded PE floor for wa­ter­proof­ness; Re­treat Se­ries incl. 50 (3 per­son), 100 (4 per­son), 240 (6 per­son). First­Light Ma­trix Use: 3+ per­son, 3 sea­son To­tal Weight: 4.25kg Floor Area: 4.89m² Vestibule: 0.90m² RRP: $399 Fea­tures: A spa­cious tent de­signed for ad­ven­ture use. Light­weight, highly wa­ter­proof with min­i­mum set up time. Fea­tures two en­trances, a large vestibule and a 4000mm, fully seam sealed, Rip­stop fly. First­Light Mon­goose Use: 2 per­son, 3 sea­son To­tal Weight: 2.95kg Floor Area: 2.95m² RRP: $249 Fea­tures: Light­weight and com­pact ad­ven­ture tent, quick and easy to pitch, two en­try points with two vestibules, in­ter­nal pock­ets, ven­ti­lated in­ner and a 4000mm, fully seam sealed Rip­stop fly. Per­fect for light­weight trav­ellers and tram­pers.

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