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As you know our Ad­ven­ture read­ers gen­er­ally par­take in variety of dif­fer­ent out­door sports. What are some of the main sports where peo­ple pur­chase roofracks as a so­lu­tion to car­ry­ing equip­ment on their ve­hi­cles? -We fit racks for all types of sports. The main sports like Kayak­ing, Cy­cling, Ski­ing, snow­board­ing surf­ing, wind­surf­ing, the need for a rack is ob­vi­ous, but the less ob­vi­ous sports in­clude tramp­ing and camp­ing, climb­ing, sail­ing, hang glid­ing, kite­board­ing. Racks are use­ful for most sports as a way of cre­at­ing ex­tra space to carry equip­ment.

What’s in­volved if I need a roofrack on my car and it doesn’t have gut­ters - will I need a per­ma­nent roofrack?

-Not nec­es­sar­ily. On most ve­hi­cles we can fit a re­mov­able sys­tem with­out the need to drill holes. Roofrack­ing has al­most be­come a bit of a science. Most ve­hi­cles are able to have a rack fit­ted - even two-door cars!! Con­vert­ibles gen­er­ally are a no go!! In some cases go­ing per­ma­nent is the best op­tion.

What are some of the sports where I need ad­di­tional ac­ces­sories to hold equip­ment on?

Most sports have spe­cialised ac­ces­sories to make car­ing for equip­ment eas­ier and safer. Los­ing your load can be very costly and dan­ger­ous - you can even lose your li­cense!!! Buy­ing the right ac­ces­sories for your equip­ment saves you time and money, as you will be less likely to dam­age your equip­ment if it is prop­erly se­cured. Most items you would ever want to carry on the roof have spe­cialised hold­ers to make life easy.

Do all kayaks need ‘kayak cra­dles’?

-No. There are many dif­fer­ent ways of car­ry­ing Kayaks; in fact some kayaks shouldn’t be car­ried with cra­dles. As there are many dif­fer­ent styles of kayaks there are many spe­cific ac­ces­sories for spe­cific types of kayaks.

There seem to be two dif­fer­ent types of bike car­ri­ers; ones where you have to take the front wheel off and ones where you don’t… what are the dif­fer­ences and ad­van­tages here?

-Tra­di­tion­ally you have needed to take your front wheel off to carry a bike on a rack, this has al­ways left the ques­tion of what to do with the front wheel? While there are wheel hold­ers just for wheels, most peo­ple put them in the car, tak­ing up valu­able space and mak­ing a mess spe­cially if it’s a moun­tain bike wheel! Go­ing for the wheel-on op­tion has be­come a very pop­u­lar op­tion, mainly for the con­ve­nience. Some bikes you can’t take the front wheel off so wheel-on op­tions are the go. Some bikes don’t have a frame that you can at­tach a wheel-on op­tion to, so fork mount­ing is the only op­tion. Wheel-on op­tions usu­ally cost a lit­tle more so this can af­fect the de­ci­sion peo­ple make when putting bikes on the roof.

Ty­ing surf­boards and wind­surfers on to your roofracks, apart from bun­gies and rope, is there some­thing bet­ter so­lu­tion to hold them down?

-Bun­gies are an ab­so­lute no no, they al­low your load to move. A sim­ple cam-lock web­bing tie down is your best op­tion as us­ing rope can dam­age your board and is very hard to get tight. Ratchet tie downs also are a bad way to go as they can eas­ily be over tight­ened and dam­age yor load.

Roof­boxes – who’s mainly buy­ing this type of stor­age sys­tem and what are the ad­van­tages here?

-Roof boxes are use­ful in many ap­pli­ca­tions. The best way of look­ing at them is that it cre­ates an ex­tra boot space for your car so you can take more stuff with you and elim­i­nate clut­ter in the car. All types of peo­ple are buy­ing them from fam­i­lies to sales reps - any­one who needs more space. The good thing with the gear you put in a box is no­body can see what’s in it.

How much weight can I put on my roofrack?

-Weight car­ry­ing ca­pac­ity comes down to the type of rack and the ve­hi­cle. Most mod­ern cars will take around 75kg. Al­ways check the rack’s and ve­hi­cle’s max­i­mum load rat­ing; which­ever is less is the rat­ing to go with. Not all racks are cre­ated equally when it comes to weight car­ry­ing ca­pac­ity.

If I need to pur­chase a roofrack this sum­mer…. What sim­ple ad­vice can you give me to steer me in the right di­rec­tion?

Go see a spe­cialised shop, like The Roof Rack Shop. Get­ting the wrong rack will end in dis­as­ter. Spend­ing a bit more will save time and has­sle in the long run.

Cheers Luke… see you soon as I need to get some proper tie downs – I never knew that ‘bun­gies’ are now il­le­gal.

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