The end is com­ing or is it just close?

- -- Steve Dick­in­son

As we sit and lis­ten to the po­lit­i­cal up­heaval in Libya, whilst we del­i­cately dab at the wounds of the earth­quake in Christchur­ch and drop heart felt tears at the dev­as­ta­tion in Ja­pan, we need to ask the ques­tions is this it?-is this the end – is Ar­maged­don upon us? The bi­ble clearly says You will know the end times when: “Nation will rise against nation, and king­dom against king­dom. There will be famines and earth­quakes in var­i­ous places. All these are the be­gin­ning of birth pains. (Of the end of the world) Matthew 24:4-8

(At the end of the world?) And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth dis­tress of na­tions, with per­plex­ity; the sea and the waves roar­ing” (Luk. 21:25)

Don’t worry you have not picked up the wrong pub­li­ca­tion-this is not the Watch­tower or some bi­ble belch­ing Nostradamu­s prophet­i­cal, semi green, semi Bud­dhist op­por­tunist soap box – this is Ad­ven­ture Mag­a­zine!

In the world right now what we are see­ing is ‘prox­im­ity’, noth­ing more noth­ing less.

When we see terrorism raise its hand to those with the same face as ours we say sub­con­sciously “there but for the grace of god go I” we are aghast be­cause it could be us. No get that sort of rain!) we see our­selves apart (safe) be­cause it is not us or some­one like us.

But Christchur­ch and Ja­pan are on our doorstep. Their ter­ror is our ter­ror, their loss our loss. They are close, we have ‘prox­im­ity’ and as we stand as­tounded at the power of Mother Na­ture let us not for­get this goes on all the time ev­ery­where and has done since the world be­gan. It’s not that God has de­cided to pull the pin, there is no Mayan curse of 2012. We are out this month. As we emo­tion­ally stag­ger in the af­ter­math of earth­quakes and Tsunami con­cerns go out to those in­volved. You are in our thoughts and our con­ver­sa­tion, you are not for­got­ten. But know this, that it will pass, there will be re­build­ing and re­growth and a new blos­som­ing fu­ture. Let not the bi­ble bash­ing, sooth say­ers and moon ter­rors bring you down. Mother Na­ture has shown her fe­roc­ity. It might not be easy but planet earth is the only rental avail­able, if she de­cided to show her own­er­ship there is not a lot we can do but ex­cept it, it will soon pass and peace will soon re­turn.

To all those suf­fer­ing, from all those here at Ad­ven­ture Mag­a­zine - we wish you peace.

 ??  ?? Last photo shoot in Canada Im­age by Owen Mete
Last photo shoot in Canada Im­age by Owen Mete

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