we have noth­ing to fear but fear it­self...

“We have noth­ing to fear but fear it­self”

Adventure - - News - Franklin Roo­sevelt 1933, First In­au­gu­ral Ad­dress

but we do re­ally – the world is full of things that can cause us harm and fear is that lit­tle alarm, the flag that gets raised when things can or are about to go wrong. Sure there are some ir­ra­tional fears like spi­ders and the dark but real fear is sup­posed to be an in­ter­nal re­ac­tive warn­ing. When do­ing the Sur­vival is­sue it is al­ways an in­cred­i­bly hum­bling ex­pe­ri­ence. Last year we looked at more sit­u­a­tional sur­vival sto­ries - the Christchur­ch earth­quake, flood­ing, ti­dal waves etc - but this is­sue we have fo­cused more on ac­tual peo­ple who have sur­vived hor­ren­dous odds to not only sur­vive and over­come their fears, but have come back stronger and more de­ter­mined. You can’t help but read Wil­liam Pikes in­ter­view and feel a real sense of achieve­ment, not only to sur­vive but to come back even stronger and more de­ter­mined. Maya Gabriela al­most drowned surf­ing mas­sive waves in Por­tu­gal, and al­though some may see it as fool­hardy, oth­ers will see it as coura­geous that even though she faced deaths door she went back to the same place in sim­i­lar con­di­tions and did it all over again. Peo­ple of­ten use the anal­ogy of get­ting back up on the horse, this was a mas­sive horse and the con­se­quence of fall­ing off was a lot more than bounc­ing on the grass. Anna Smith’s story is worth a re­ally close look – the ed­i­to­rial is pas­sion­ate but looks closely at the im­age of her bro­ken pelvis. I was sur­prised she could ever walk again let alone get back into climb­ing. So fear and danger are strange bed­fel­lows - they are a sym­bi­otic emo­tion we all crave - I guess it is what the Ad­ven­ture tourism in­dus­try is built on. We want to be scared but to know we are safe. If you take away ‘safe’ then the thrill of fear in­creases to a tip­ping point where it is not ex­cit­ing it is de­mo­bil­is­ing. This sur­vival is­sue high­lights how each of us are dif­fer­ent - what scared one per­son en­abled an­other, in one it causes fight and then flight in an­other. As you read this is­sue of Ad­ven­ture we hope that it will em­power you, it will show you what we as hu­man be­ings can over­come, what we can sub­ject our­selves to by choice or by chance and re­cover to be bet­ter than we were be­fore. started with a quote so will end with one.

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