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Horses for cour­ses is the key con­cept when look­ing at in­su­lated/ puffer jack­ets, the costs as you will see can varies but there is a huge dif­fer­ence be­tween walk­ing in the Waitakere’s rather than scal­ing Ever­est so you need to choose what it is the jacket will be used for. Its a bal­anc­ing act as al­ways to weigh up use against price. There are many in­sulted/puffer jack­ets in the world of win­ter cloth­ing, here are a few things to con­sider be­fore mak­ing your final de­ci­sion. In­su­lated /puffer jack­ets have a sig­na­ture quilted de­sign with sec­tions that are "puffy" be­tween the stitch­ing thus the name. They are filled with down in­su­la­tion or syn­thetic fi­bres, both of which can pro­vide a high level of warmth de­pend­ing on how well they are made and the qual­ity of the syn­thetic fi­bres. They char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally are com­pactable and light­weight de­spite be­ing very warm (with the down-filled jack­ets weigh­ing a lit­tle more, so keep that in mind). The "puffs" of a puffer jacket are cre­ated by the com­bi­na­tion of the in­su­la­tion layer and stitch­ing. Ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal puffers are the most com­mon, but you can also find di­a­mond and other geo­met­ric shapes cre­ated due to stitch­ing. Func­tion­ally, a puffer jacket with ver­ti­cal stitch­ing may lend it­self to a more fit­ted de­sign due to the al­ready ver­ti­cal lines cre­ated. Yet be­cause they are light­weight, aren't weigh­ing down by heavy ma­te­ri­als, both hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal puffer jack­ets can still be very roomy and com­fort­able to wear. Prob­a­bly the big­gest con­sid­er­a­tion with any in­sulted jacket, if you really need to keep warm these is great but of­ten they work so well that they can sim­ply be too hot. For ex­am­ple if you wear­ing one ski­ing – the ac­tiv­ity alone in an in­su­lated jacket can be too much but if on the same day you a be­lay­ing a fel­low climber a puffer jacket is a great way to keep warm and en­cum­bered

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