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When I was 15, I came to New Zealand. I grew up in Eng­land and I clearly re­mem­ber when I was about 12 see­ing the sea for the first time. It was a seething mass of grey and white that went as far as I could see and was edged by an equally mis­er­able grey wind-swept un­wel­com­ing beach. Not the sort of sight ro­mances are made of but a few years later my fam­ily moved to New Zealand and I can equally clearly re­mem­ber driv­ing over the Bryn­der­wyns and think­ing ‘where the hell are we?’ The grass was burned yel­low and the blue of the sea was like some­thing out of a hol­i­day brochure. We moved to Raukaka and I lived 22ft from the high­t­ide mark and from that day to this, wa­ter, salty or fresh, runs strongly through my veins. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see the sea, it may be in the glare of a sun­rise or the chill of a sun­set, wind, rain, storm, calm, it is the back­drop of ev­ery­thing that is valu­able to me. Dive it, surf it, kayak it, pad­dle­board it, wind­surf on it, wake­board on it, sail on it, fish in it, swim in it - at some stage of life or an­other it has been my play­ground and my es­cape. I re­call when once I had been out of the coun­try for months in a stress­ful land-locked en­vi­ron­ment, on my even­tual ar­rival home on a night in win­ter, I dropped my bags and walked down to the beach and flopped in the ocean like some stranded whale seek­ing that wa­ter of sal­va­tion. What is it? Why is it that we are so drawn to the sea? Is it be­cause at one stage we were those lit­tle lung fish that flopped out of the ocean and de­cided to be­come hu­mans? Is that when the dol­phins said ‘yea/nah we are stay­ing here with the fish and warm wa­ter and the surf you can see how things go on dry land? Is it that primeval DNA link to the past that links us back to the ocean. Wa­ter for so many of us it is an in­te­gral part of our lives; for re­lax­ation, es­cape, fun and ex­pe­ri­ence, from look­ing at it to be­ing in or on it, we still find it cap­ti­vat­ing. In this ‘wa­ter’ is­sue of Ad­ven­ture we have drawn to­gether some amaz­ing peo­ple from those div­ing with sharks to those at the cut­ting edge of foil­ing, from those rid­ing the world’s big­gest waves to kayak­ing the world high­est lake. We hope that you will en­joy these wa­ter tales even if it is a sport you do not do, but we hope it will mo­ti­vate you to try some­thing new this sum­mer! As the days get hot­ter and longer, sum­mer and Christ­mas looms, from the staff and ev­ery­one here at Ad­ven­ture, we wish you all a happy Xmas and an ad­ven­tur­ous New Year! Steve Dickinson - Ed­i­tor

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