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1.5kg beef mince 1.5kg chicken thigh fillets 500g pork mince 4 bacon rashers 170g chorizo 125ml cream parmesan cheese 150g mozzarella cheese 1 loaf white bread 4 medium (480g) carrots 2kg potatoes 1kg brown onions 1 large (500g) leeks 3 (1.2kg) corn cobs 1 large bulb garlic 1 small red capsicum 400g gai lan (Chinese broccoli) 2 heads broccoli 50g baby spinach 1 baby gem lettuce (or baby cos) 1 Lebanese cucumber 2 vine-ripened tomatoes 200g tomato medley 1 bunch spring onions 2 avocados 1 bunch each flat-leaf parsley, basil and coriander 1 lime and 1 lemon 1 fresh long red chilli 4 fresh kaffir lime leaves 500ml vegetable stock 4 wholegrain tortillas

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