8 warn­ing signs of a heart at­tack

Some you’ll al­ready know, while oth­ers may sur­prise you. Recog­nis­ing these heart at­tack symp­toms could save the life of you or your loved ones.

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1 CHEST DIS­COM­FORT OR PAIN Feel­ings pres­sure of or heav­i­ness, a crush­ing tight­ness, sen­sa­tion over the chest are all clas­sic symp­toms of a heart at­tack. This dis­com­fort may be mild, or it may spread to dif­fer­ent parts of the up­per body. It may also be ac­com­pa­nied by a gen­eral feel­ing of be­ing un­well.

2 ARM TIN­GLING, NUMB­NESS OR PAIN A tin­gling arm – par­tic­u­larly the left arm – is a renowned heart at­tack symp­tom. Arm dis­com­fort can oc­cur in one or both arms, and can also be present as numb­ness, pain, heav­i­ness or just a gen­eral feel­ing of use­less­ness in the limbs.

3 NECK CHOK­ING OR BURN­ING SEN­SA­TION Un­ex­plained dis­com­fort around the neck area is also a heart at­tack symp­tom. It may feel as though you’re chok­ing or it could be a burn­ing sen­sa­tion in the throat. This dis­com­fort could spread from your chest or shoul­ders to the neck.

4 SHOUL­DER PAIN AND/OR BACK ACHE An aching sen­sa­tion can de­velop around one or both of your shoul­ders or on your back be­tween your shoul­der blades. On the shoul­ders, it may also feel like heav­i­ness or pres­sure around the area. Be on the look­out for this pain spread­ing from your chest to the af­fected area. 5 JAW TIGHT­NESS One of the more minute symp­toms is a feel­ing of tight­ness or aching around the lower jaw­line – ei­ther on one or both sides of the face. Watch for dis­com­fort spread­ing from your chest to the jaw.

6 SHORT­NESS OF BREATH Hav­ing trou­ble breath­ing nor­mally, or the in­abil­ity to take a deep breath, can both oc­cur as a symp­tom of a heart at­tack. In this in­stance, it may feel like your breath­ing is be­ing com­pro­mised by a con­stricted feel­ing or tight­ness across your chest.

7 NAU­SEA, INDIGESTION, DIZZI­NESS, LIGHT-HEADEDNESS AND/OR COLD SWEATS These symp­toms may all arise along­side other heart at­tack symp­toms. How­ever, be­cause there can be numer­ous causes for these symp­toms, you will need to as­sess whether they are oc­cur­ring in ad­di­tion to any of the other pre­vi­ously men­tioned heart at­tack warn­ing symp­toms.

8 JUST NOT FEEL­ING QUITE RIGHT This symp­tom is in­tan­gi­ble; how­ever, some pa­tients re­port feel­ing gen­er­ally un­well or just not quite them­selves right be­fore hav­ing a heart at­tack. You know your own body best, so if some­thing feels off, don’t ig­nore this feel­ing.

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