Use Re­sene’s beau­ti­ful paint palette to cre­ate a serv­ing tray fit for a queen.

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make a hand­painted serv­ing plat­ter


To make board from di­a­gram op­po­site, use the fol­low­ing: Re­sene paint test­pots: Re­sene Bunt­ing Re­sene Wedge­wood Re­sene Com­fort Zone Re­sene Ur­bane Re­sene Sea Nymph Re­sene Con­crete Clear Pine plank 600 x 230mm Fine sand­pa­per Pen­cil and ruler Painter’s tape Scis­sors Paint­brush Two han­dles with screws Drill and drill bit 1 En­sure your pine plank is the cor­rect size. Your hard­ware shop should be able to cut it to size for you. These pine planks came in 230mm widths x 18mm thick­ness. 2 Give the wood a light sand to re­move any im­per­fec­tions and smooth down sharp or ragged cor­ners and edges. 3 Use the di­a­gram to help draw your lines. You can go as sim­ple or com­pli­cated as you like (see the two trays, right) but the di­a­gram pro­vided is an easy one to start with, re­sult­ing in an ef­fec­tive con­trast of paint and bare pine. 4 Find cen­tre of the board, then rule a pen­cil line ver­ti­cally and hor­i­zon­tally through this point. 5 Start­ing from the bot­tom edge and work­ing up to the cen­tre, use the blue-dot mea­sure­ments on the di­a­gram to lightly mark points along the ver­ti­cal line. Turn the board around and re­peat on the other half. These marks in­di­cate the top points of your tri­an­gles. 6 Now mark the green mea­sure­ments along both sides of your board, again start­ing from the bot­tom edge and turn­ing the plank to do the other half. 7 Start­ing from the out­side edge at the half­way point, mea­sure and mark the grey points, work­ing to­wards the cen­tre. Now join up the dots as in­di­cated. 8 When pat­tern is com­plete, start tap­ing off ar­eas to paint. This will en­sure you get beau­ti­fully straight lines. You will need to paint in stages to al­low sec­tions to dry be­fore tap­ing over painted ar­eas to do the next bit (see pic be­low). 9 When all sec­tions are painted and dry, add a coat of Re­sene Con­crete Clear for a long-last­ing fin­ish. 10 Once dry, mea­sure and pen­cil mark where the han­dles will go. Drill holes first for a clean fin­ish. If you need to screw your han­dles in from the un­der­side, coun­ter­sink the screws so they don’t scratch any sur­face the tray is placed on. Note: It is ad­vised not to place food di­rectly on the tray.

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