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l Gar­den cen­tres and hard­ware chains stock baby grade house­plants for $3-4 each. Choose a se­lec­tion of plants with con­trast­ing forms, colours and tex­tures. Suit­able species for ter­rar­i­ums in­clude baby’s tears, ferns, fit­to­nia (nerve plants), suc­cu­lents and cacti. l Keep table­top gar­dens and ter­rar­i­ums out of di­rect sun­light. Their tiny root sys­tems can’t cope with sud­den tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tions caused by over­heat­ing. l In a closed ter­rar­ium (a glass bowl with a lid, and con­se­quently no drainage), be care­ful not to over­wa­ter your plants. Mist once a fort­night at most. l Vin­tage cake tins, kitchen colan­ders and deep plant pot saucers all make ideal con­tain­ers for table­top gar­dens, but en­sure they have drainage holes in the base. Take them out­doors once a week for a good soak, let­ting the ex­cess wa­ter drain out be­fore you bring them back in­doors. l Al­ways use a goodqual­ity in­door pot­ting mix, or gritty cacti and suc­cu­lent mix. Mulching the sur­face with gravel or decor sand pre­vents the pot­ting mix splash­ing over your plants, and helps to pre­vent evap­o­ra­tion. l Spot­light has a range of fairy gar­den fur­ni­ture, in­clud­ing quirky bird houses, bird baths and paving stones, and other craft minia­tures.

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