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TRAVEL NEWS: Africa – more than safari central

- Edited by OLIVIA GRAVES from World Journeys

Africa experienti­al has a adventures melting pot will of cultures! be spoiled Travellers for choice, seeking from local encounters with traditiona­l tribes, to rich cultural histories and famed wildlife hot spots. Africa may be safari central, but there is so much more to discover.


evokes enchanting images of towering sand dunes and desert-adapted wildlife roaming its stunning landscapes, but it is also home to the nomadic Himba people. These huntergath­erers inhabit the remote northweste­rn region of Kunene, donning traditiona­l clothing and distinctiv­e hairstyles. On a Namibian safari, you can interact with this incredible tribe, explore one of the most uninhabita­ble deserts in the world, and embark on thrilling game drives in the likes of the famed Etosha National Park.

East Africa

The Maasai people are known around the world for their unique customs and vivid attire, sporting elaborate beadwork with stretched, pierced earlobes. Travellers wanting to visit one of the tribe’s many villages, scattered throughout Kenya and Tanzania, can also explore the game parks of the Great African Lakes, along with the Masai Mara and Serengeti – home to the annual Great Migration, which sees millions of animals migrate across the mighty plains of East Africa in search of fresh grazing.


Ethiopia is a land of breathtaki­ng beauty, ancient history, rich culture, and diversity of people. It was here that the first humans roamed and today the tribal culture and strong Coptic Christian beliefs offer an amazing contrast. Living in one of the country’s most isolated regions are the Mursi people. Clothed in traditiona­l dress, they are renowned for their decorative clay lip plates. Ethiopia offers colourful religious festivals, natural wonders, ancient cities and fascinatin­g encounters with this unique tribe.

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