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Try not to lose it


Almost 49 per cent of women will be affected by hair loss throughout their lives and the incidence steadily increases with age in all ethnicitie­s. “Shampoo can be a culprit,” says Giles. “It’s the only product we massage into our scalps and many formulas are laden with ingredient­s engineered to stay when you rinse, such as thickening agents, silicones, waxes and conditione­rs.” While this is well and good when you’re younger, the build-up around hair follicles may cause vulnerable roots to shut down. “If you’re worried, stay away from shampoos that thicken or smooth,” says Giles. Instead, opt for a low-PH formula that gently cleans hair, such as Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Conditione­r,

$34 each.

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