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The Bombay Prince Sujata Massey, by Allen & Unwin


If you’ve yet to discover Sujata Massey’s deliciousl­y fun murder mysteries this is a great one to start with. Our sleuthing protagonis­t, Bombay’s feisty first female lawyer Perveen Mistry, is contacted by Freny, head of Woodburn College’s student union for representa­tion of a “political” nature. It is November 1921 and Gandhi, also a lawyer

– if more famous – is campaignin­g for an independen­t India. The Prince of Wales is visiting – a rather aloof, if dapper Edward – and a body of students want to boycott the parade even though college rules dictate their attendance. They aren’t the only dissenters and protests abound. Then Freny is found lying in the college garden, “two rivulets of blood” running from beneath her head.

Has she been murdered? Perveen must crack the case. Utterly delightful.

 ??  ?? Period mystery
Period mystery

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