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CanI growthe shrub weigela from cut­tings?

Yes. Try semi-ma­ture stem cut­tings from­nowun­til Christ­mas, or hard­wood cut­tings in win­ter. Namedafter 19th cen­tury Ger­man pro­fes­sor Chris­tian von Weigel but na­tive to Ja­pan, this hardy plant (pro­nounced why-JEE-luh) has many­cul­ti­vars. One of the most pop­u­lar is Weigela florida var­ie­gata, but as well as this pink­flow­er­ing ex­am­ple there are va­ri­eties with white or red blos­soms. Weige­las grow in­most soils, prefer­ably in full sun, with any prun­ing best done soon af­ter flow­er­ing or you’ll cut off next year’s dis­play.

Whatis caus­ing blis­tery bump­son­the leaves of our wal­nut tree?

It’sdownto a tiny mite, Erio­phyes tris­tria­tus. The dam­ageis largely cos­metic, and it’s not con­sid­ered worth spray­ing— by the time bump­sap­pear the mites within have nat­u­ral pro­tec­tion. Amiti­cide used early in the sea­son might have worked, but un­less the tree is very small it would not be prac­ti­cal, plus such sprays are fairly toxic. Leafrol­ler cater­pil­lars, aphids, codling moth and lemon tree borer at­tack wal­nuts too, but are also re­garded as mi­nor pests.

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